Top Wineries and Wine Tasting Tours in Istria

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Discover why Istria is a real oasis for all wine lovers. The Istrian peninsula has a well-kept secret… It’s one of the best wine regions in the world.
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You surely already know that our Mediterranean is not just sun and sea.

Istrian wine roads will lead you to unexplored tastes, always wanting more. A visit to the wine cellars is definitely on everyone’s bucket list when they come to the region of Malvasia and Teran, and honestly – it’s a good idea for how to spend the afternoon. All you need to do is prepare your palate (and read our guide, and here you are… so let’s go).

While all roads lead to Rome, in Istria all roads lead to top wineries. And we have just decided to take you on that journey through this article. Go for a walk in nature and go to a wine tasting (or tastings :-D).


The combination of 4 different soil types and sunny hills make the Istrian peninsula favorable for the development of viticulture. These perks have been valued by locals for years, as wine production on this peninsula has been talked about and written about since the 13th century.

Today, there are more than 200 wine cellars in this region, many of which are world-famous, supported by numerous Decanter World Wine Awards.

That is why we decided to present you several renowned Croatian winemakers who have valued the family tradition of wine production for years and created something specific that exists only in this area, only in Istria.


In Savudrija, on the northwest coast of Istria, there is the Degrassi winery. Whether you are a fan of white or red wines, dry or sweet, every drop from this winery will awaken your senses. The diligent Moreno Degrassi will take you through the winery and answer all your questions about its history, production and awards. You can choose between tasting several wines, touring the wine cellar and short or long presentations and short trainings about their production. As soon as you enter this wine cellar you can see the appreciation of the family tradition.

Degrassi wine cellar

Gathering around a massive wooden table, listening to stories and anecdotes of living in Istria with a glass of wine and homemade cold cuts, you will feel like you are with your grandparents. Along with the platter of fresh Istrian sausages and prosciutto, we were most impressed by the red wine “Terre rosse”. We recommend that you try it and find out why it is called the happiest Istrian red wine.

Terre Rosse wine Degrassi


This newly decorated modern style winery is located in a natural setting surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Right at the entrance to the village Koreniki, near the town of Umag, the friendly owners will greet you. The Coronica family has been passing on and holding its unique note of wine from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

Moreno Coronica will entertain and educate you during the whole guided tour. It is a common belief here that wine is life and that one should live with and from wine.

Coronica wine cellar

You will certainly not be able to forget Coronica’s Gran Teran and Gran Malvasia, they differ in taste from any other Istrian Malvasia and Teran.

In addition to the wine cellar tour and tasting fantastic unique wines, you can get a taste of their everyday life. Only 150 meters from the cellar, you can have a walk through their beautiful vineyards and enjoy the specific Istrian red soil.

Coronica vineyard


We move away from the sea and approach the sunny hills in inland Istria. In the area of Momjan not far from the town of Buje, in the central part of the wine road, there is the Kabola winery.

Kabola vineyard

The wine story of the Markežić family began several decades ago and is known for nurturing the ancient organic production of grapes and olive oil. You are offered 4 tasting programs to discover the magic of BIO production in the Momjan region. There is not only a classic tasting room, but you can also choose between stone tables in the front of a stone house or tables on a green lawn under a large old oak tree.

Sommeliers will also serve you wines directly from oak barrels or amphorae, explaining why this gives special notes to their wines. You will feel like a king or queen sitting outside, tasting their Re sparkling wine, enjoying the view of the vineyards and hills full of olive groves. We also recommend their excellent Momjan Muscat, which also made this vineyard area famous.

Kabola winery

The next winery is just a hill and several vineyards away.


At the end of this wine route, there is a new elegant winery that is impossible to miss. Large tasting rooms, a terrace overlooking the vineyards, the silence and the smell of wine production emanating from the cellar will fill you with joy. Although a visit to the cellar should be booked in advance for this famous place, you can also come unannounced and choose between 9 different tasting programs. There are more than 10 types of excellent wines, brandies and olive oils to choose from.

Food tasting at Kozlović

In addition to wine tasting, they also offer platters of dried meat products such as Istrian sausages, Istrian prosciutto, wild boar sausages and platters of various types of Istrian cheeses to help your palate recover and refresh.

Istrian prosciutto, Kozlović‘s Malvasia Santa Lucia and a terrace with a beautiful view make one perfect combination and reason to visit this winery.

Food tasting at Kozlović

While all roads lead to Rome, in Istria all roads lead to top wineries. We have shown you only 2 of the 6 wine roads in Istria. Head to the wine roads of Istria and enjoy every drop.

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