Winter Is Over, So Spring to Istria and Fill up on Vitamin D!

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The days are longer, the temperature’s rising, and nature’s waking up. Are you ready to get off the couch and feel the sun and Adriatic fresh air? The dreams of winter are over; it’s time to live them!
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There’s no need to wonder any further, Istria County is the perfect place to visit all year around. Before the high temperatures, crowded beaches and everything else the summer rush brings, there’s a beautiful period in which nature wakes up after its long winter sleep. There’s nothing better than waking up in the countryside, with the sun and fresh sea air coming in through the window, which is what great comfy hotels & camping resorts in Istria offer. Step away from the usual #beachholiday elements and experience the fantastic things that springtime has to offer!

Leave the sea and explore the magic hidden in Central Istria. Istria has so much more to offer than sun and sea, such as the unspoiled nature in the heart of its interior!

Central Istria

The perfect geographical position of the Istrian peninsula provides ideal weather conditions throughout the year. This allows every type of guest to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. From March till May, nature is waking up and our bodies crave vitamin D. Flowers emerge, forests are in bloom after the February showers, and springtime finally arrives.

Spring into the Adriatic fresh air! Allow nature’s peace and quiet to flow into you as the sun shines on the trees.

Central Istria is majestic when it’s in bloom. A great example is the unspoiled nature around the small historic town of Buzet in the middle of Istria. The fantastic educational walking and hiking trail is connected by a river with seven waterfalls and lakes.

In this spring period, the weather allows adventurers to discover this unspoiled beauty. The forest is greener than ever, there are flowers and colours everywhere around you, the river is full of fresh water and the sun follows you the whole time along this four-hour trail full of excitement. This beautiful circular trail of 13 km can be divided into shorter sections suitable for different levels of fitness, from families to athletes.

As you follow the River Mirna, you’ll cross wooden bridges, see turquoise lakes, walk through a fairy tale village, and find hidden swings and zip lines which you can try. Look carefully as you walk around, because you might miss some of the local wildlife. Every few kilometres, there’s a different waterfall that is worth taking a picture of.

Zip line, Istria

After the third, 26 metre-high waterfall, you’ll come across a white giant, which is also the 3rd highest climbing rock in Croatia. When you pass this beautiful white stone rock, a splendid view will knock you off your feet: a colourful valley, with vineyards and olive groves on the hillsides. If you’re lucky, you can see the sea in the distance. It’s a great place to have a quick break, recharge your batteries and enjoy the view.

Istrian view

After the white giant, you walk through a forest full of birds and flowers. Heading towards the 4th and biggest waterfall, you’ll cross a stone bridge. But don’t hurry! Go under the bridge and see how beautiful it is. There’s even a legend that Napoleon watered his horses here, which is why this stone bridge is called Napoleon’s Bridge.

Napoleon’s Bridge, Istria

The path will take you to a picturesque place called Kotli, which is right at the heart of this circular trail. This is the trail’s most majestic attraction. The river breaks through the stones in small torrents that used to run the old mill, creating a beautiful cascade that empties into a deep turquoise lake. If the temperature is right and you are brave enough, you can even jump in and have a swim!

Kotli, Istria

We also recommend that you rest here, as there are 6 km and three more beautiful waterfalls and lakes awaiting you.

Following the trail and passing the final beautiful waterfall, you’ll hear frogs croaking and birds chirping, and see the sun slowly descending behind the walls of the old town of Buzet.

Sunset in Istria

But we won’t tell you everything. You’ll have to discover and see this wonderful attraction for yourself.

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