Croatia Summer Camp for Kids and Teens

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Looking into summer camps for kids and teens? Croatia Summer Camp offers an extraordinary blend of fun, education and personal growth. From June to September, these camps provide a rich tapestry of experiences that build skills, foster friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. With a variety of camps divided into education, sports and art and music categories, there’s something for every child’s interest and passion.
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Building Skills and Friendships

To start with, Croatia Summer Camp for kids and teens aims to provide not only skill development but also lasting friendships and intercultural understanding. Each camp is thoughtfully designed to inspire, educate and entertain, making the summer of 2024 an unforgettable adventure for every participant. Whether it’s mastering a sport, diving into the depths of the sea, creating music, or exploring the wonders of science, these camps promise a well-rounded and enriching experience. One thing is for sure – it gets children off smartphones and tablets!

One can choose between different options, tailored according to the child’s interests and needs. The camps are divided into 3 categories: sports, education and art and music camps. Read on for more info!

Sports Camps

Child playing football

Child playing football

For the athletically inclined, Croatia’s sports camps are unparalleled. They provide young athletes with the chance to train with some of the world’s best coaches and athletes

The Juventus Football Academy Camp, for example, delivers a five-day program that instills a love of football and sportsmanship. At the Handball Camp in Poreč, led by renowned handball player Luka Cindrić, young participants can hone their skills through group and individual training sessions. The Basketball Adventure Camp, under the guidance of NBA scout Danko Cvjetićanin, helps aspiring basketball players refine their techniques. 

Additionally, the Hannes Zischka Tennis Camp focuses on technical training and competitive spirit development for budding tennis players. For those interested in water sports, there’s the option of Olympic water polo experience by Joković / Sukno, the option of summer sailing school or the Kids Diving Holiday Camp which introduces youngsters to the underwater world of the Gulf of Kvarner.

Education Camps

Education camps

Education camps

Educational camps in Croatia are not just about learning; they are about experiencing the magic of discovery. These camps are designed to spark curiosity and inspire learning. Across various Croatian locations, Tinker Labs in Poreč, Labin, Makarska and Dubrovnik offer hands-on experiences in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM)

For the children interested in astronomy, check out Astro camp by Višnjan observatory in Poreč. In addition, the Island of Krk offers Family Farm Camp retreat, while the Island of Hvar offers The Field School of Hvar

In short, in these camps children engage in practical workshops that explore the wonders of physics, chemistry and biology, encouraging creative problem-solving and innovation.

Art and Music Camps

This summer, Istria simply transforms into a haven for young musicians and artists, with its array of music and dance workshops. In particular, the picturesque town of Grožnjan serves as a hub for musical and artistic development. Camps here cater to musicians of all ages, offering masterclasses in violin, clarinet, saxophone and more. Moreover, the JM Jazz Summer School Camp in Grožnjan attracts jazz enthusiasts, offering ensemble playing opportunities and even the chance to perform at an international jazz festival!

Child playing a violin

Child playing a violin

The Modern Dance & Theatre Workshop in Grožnjan combines dance and theatre to create a dynamic environment where young artists can develop their talents. In addition, there’s The Ballet Summer Camp by Mirna Sporiš in Novigrad in July, for those ballet-lovers out there. When it comes to Poreč, one can dive into Teen Art Workshop for beginners or Storycamp by Istria Inspirit. 

Join the Valamar Experience

Croatia Summer Camp for kids and teens, supported by Valamar, ensure a holistic experience where every activity is a piece of a larger mosaic of growth, learning and friendship. This summer, give your children the gift of an enriching adventure in education, sports or the arts, making their summer of 2024 truly unforgettable. Whether they are diving deep into the ocean, hitting a winning shot, composing a new melody or solving a complex problem, the skills and memories they gain will be cherished forever.


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