How to Bring the Mediterranean (Scents) To Your Home

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The place where thoughts, imagination and memories are stored is called our body. The body is a temple we take with us through life. If we nurture memories, develop imagination and stimulate them together with natural scents – our temple is healthy!
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We all often wander into the corridors of memory or imagination. If they are pleasant, they take us to places we would love to be in the present moment. In those moments, we are on a journey, and the destination is known only to us… For this trip we don’t need a suitcase or a plane ticket… we don’t depend on a holiday or the time of year. We can leave whenever we want. This is what makes this journey so special – we experience it in just a few seconds!

Most often, memories are evoked when triggered by one magical ingredient: SCENT. Scent is the magic that most easily takes us back to our old, often repressed memories. Scents are all around us — our morning bath, the smell of coffee, the perfume we use, the air freshener in our office — these are all little triggers for happiness, every day…

Lavander field

However, there are also those original, natural scents that, if we’ve experienced them at least once in a lifetime, we can consider ourselves lucky! Just remember the smell of mown grass, fresh olive oil, dried rosemary or lavender. Have you had the chance to feel these scents? Do you know that they are the most intense in the Mediterranean? Here is their home, their natural habitat, the place where they were born, where they die and are born again – for thousands of years. Isn’t that wonderful?

Perhaps right now, while most of us are at home, we’d like to be in a place like this, a place where we can breathe in the scents of nature. Where it smells of lavender, St. John’s wort, immortelle… Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not! While right now perhaps we cannot travel freely, we can nevertheless bring the scents of the Mediterranean into our homes.

Lavander salt

Today we have a suggestion for you on how to make a nourishing cream for dry skin which is ideal for taking care of yourself and which also allows you to enjoy a variety of scents. Olive oil, lavender, rosemary: with these ingredients your skin will benefit and respond with radiance. You can buy all the ingredients in pharmacies or specialised shops, or order online and have them delivered directly from the Adriatic coast.

Homemade Mediterranean cream – recipe:


  • 40 g shea butter,
  • 25 g cold pressed olive oil,
  • rosemary or lavender essential oil (to choose)

Put butter and oil in a clean glass jar and dissolve in a double boiler. After removing from gentle heat, add the essential oil and pour everything into a clean and sterilised storage container. Allow the cream to harden without covering. To do this more quickly, you can put it in the fridge.

We want you to enjoy this process, wherever you are now. We believe that after making the cream, fascinated by the scents of the Mediterranean, you will soon organise a trip to the Adriatic coast. All these plants are waiting for you in their natural habitat with the most beautiful scent in the world!

Rosemary creamNurture your imagination and pleasant memories. Be kind to yourself and take care of your body, because you won’t get another one as a gift. Our body is our temple. Let’s nurture it.

For your wellbeing,
Your Valamar team

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