Lucky Number Seven – the Island of Krk and a Seven-Day Stay Program

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Did you know that the Croatian Adriatic coast has as many as 1244 islands and islets? We did, and we know what you can find on many of them.
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However, of all these islands only one is described by the following set of words: THE CRADLE OF CULTURE – GOLDEN – THE BIGGEST.

It is the island of Krk – the largest island also called the “golden island” in ancient times because of its 2500 hours of sunshine a year, mild Mediterranean climate and favorable geographical position. Why the cradle of culture? Because the Baška tablet was found in Jurandvor – the first record of Croatia in Glagolitic script. 

Baška tablet

In addition to these three features, the island of Krk has other unique characteristics; it contains over 1400 species of plants, almost half of the total flora in Croatia. Apart from the rich flora and fauna, it has long been believed that the island of Krk is connected to the number seven: in the seventh century it was inhabited by Croats, it was defended against pirates seven times, and the seventh Frankopan count was the last count of Krk. Today, the island of Krk has seven centers, and we recommend that you spend a minimum of SEVEN DAYS enjoying the island.

Here is a list what you can explore during your stay:

The town of Krk

Krk Town

Walls have surrounded the town of Krk since Venetian times. On the main square, you can see houses from the Renaissance period and the Kaštel – Frankopan Fortress, Kamplin Square and the Tower on the coast, which was built by count Nikola Frankopan. Here you can try wakeboarding, diving, sailing, beach volleyball, and you can enjoy many cycling and hiking trails.


Krk Baška

Stara Baška and Baška (the latter is called nova) is located on the coast and is a favorite tourist center because of its 2 km long sandy beach which slowly immerses into the turquoise coloured sea. You can find the aforementioned Jurandvor nearby and observe a replica of the Baška tablet, our oldest monument of the Croatian language, carved in stone.

Klimno Bay

It is located on the west side of the island and is known for its healing mud. This beach, apart from its healing properties, offers a variety of water sports and is a great choice for anyone who prefers an active holiday. You can walk a hundred meters from the shore but the sea will still be up to your knees – this beach is great for families with children. 


As for gastronomy, the island of Krk has its TOP 5 list of things you MUST try while staying here:

Krk Gastronomy

1. Lamb specialties – lamb on the island of Krk tastes different because here the animals nibble on numerous aromatic herbs during free grazing.

2. Vrbnička žlahtina – quality and dry white wine with a delicate aroma whose grape variety is specific to this area. Its fullness of taste is due to many sunny days. 

3. Valomet – sparkling wine made from Vrbnička žlahtina. It is exceptional since it matures at the bottom of the sea. Apart from its unique method of fermentation and top quality, it also has an unusual design – layers of coral and shells unique to each bottle.

4. Krk prosciutto – is a top dried meat delicacy, and due to its authenticity, it has become the first protected Croatian product registered at the EU level. You should probably visit the House of Krk prosciutto where you can see how it’s produced, learn all about the methods, and of course taste and buy some prosciutto.

Krk Prosciutto

5. Presnac – the most famous dessert on the island of Krk made with Krk sheep cheese, but don’t ask us the recipe – it’s a secret passed down from generation to generation. We guarantee that the aromas on this island are somewhat out of this word, visit the island and smell for yourself. 

Biserujka Cave Rudine

Nature lovers will have a great time here. The Biserujka Cave is a must, located near the village of Rudine, in the municipality of Dobrinj on the island of Krk. It is also known as Vitezić’s cave. Its lowest point is 13 meters below the ground, and the bottom of the cave is 30 meters above sea level. In addition, you can visit the immortelle plantation located in the municipality of Omišalj, which offers a beautiful view of the island and its planted 8 hectares. Discover the method of growing immortelle, distillation and use in various industries. Underwater Park Punat is certainly another unique attraction for all sea lovers because it gives you the opportunity to literally walk on the seabed and explore the underwater world of the island.  

Are you keen on adventure? Krk will not disappoint you. 

Winter Biking

Numerous bike and hike trails await, and will surely delight any adventurer. The island of Krk is also ideal for solo explorers. You can go hiking, which, due to the peculiarities of the drywall construction (an ancient construction techniques specific to the northern Adriatic) will surely be a unique experience. Be sure to visit the Plateau of the Moon – whether you take a recreational walk to this mountain, bike or hike, the view that awaits you is breathtaking. The Moon plateau is a plateau on a hill above Baška and is a natural sight. It got its name because it resembles the surface of the moon – a bare stone with an incredible view. Love horses and horseback riding? Here you have the opportunity to explore the island on horseback. Namely, the equestrian club Njivice provides its visitors with various tours with guides and professional riders, and in addition to the tame, you can also enjoy the rare experience of riding wild horses. Horseback riding is intended for both adults and children, and the beautiful terrain will forever remain in your memory. On Krk you can also venture on a “Walk among the treetops“, a quad ride, a zip-line and many other adventurous attractions.

Krk Baška

The island of Krk offers a variety of activities all year long, whether you are an adrenaline lover, history buff or adventurer.  Here you can find a place for a hedonistic holiday, you can try new things or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the island (with a unique eno-gastronomic offer, of course). 

Moreover, imagine this – the island is connected to the mainland, has its own airport and numerous ferries by which you can reach it or even visit the nearby islands.

What is your excuse? 

We don’t believe you have any.  See you soon on this golden island!

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