Krk and Rab on Two Wheels

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A bike ride across the islands of Krk and Rab is a truly unforgettable experience. These islands are quite exotic and offer excellent cycling trails and beautiful viewpoints.
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You can even reach stunning wild beaches by bike that are otherwise accessible only to locals with small boats.

KRK – an island with a moonlike landscape and sheep roaming around

Krk Croatia Bike

The route starts at the centre of Baška and continues alongside the beach towards the karst landscape known as the ‘Moon Plateau’. The road uphill is winding and demanding but well worth it as it offers all the way up fantastic views of Baška Cove and the nearby islands. Vidikovac viewpoint is ideal for catching your breath and taking a few selfies. Our first destination – the ‘Moon Plateau’ – is located one kilometre from the viewpoint. It is a large rocky surface that offers a view as though you were on the moon and the opportunity to enjoy some time on your own with only your bike and the occasional sheep for company.

Krk by Bike Croatia

Even though the steep ascent to the ‘Moon Plateau’ may seem a difficult challenge, it gets easier after this part, and reaching the top is definitely worth the effort. Now, you can enjoy a ten-kilometre panoramic ride over the typical hilly landscape of Krk until you reach everyone’s favourite part – the descent towards the field of Vrbničko Polje. After that, I strongly recommend taking a break and swimming in one of the nearby secluded coves. The sea here is crystal clear and it’s a real pleasure to dive in to refresh yourself – I’m talking from experience!

Krk Bike Adriatiac Croatia

After bathing in the sea and cycling along the northern part of the island, you’ll enjoy the ride across a constantly changing landscape. On your way back to Baška, stop off at a small local tavern offering authentic delicacies such as Krk pršut (dry-cured ham), wine and lamb, and reward yourself for this memorable fifty-kilometre ride.

RAB – a ride through a forest reserve

Rab Croatia Bike

We recommend you explore the island of Rab with an e-bike, starting from the historical town centre and continuing through Kalifront park forest and Dundovo forest reserve. While cycling along a well-tended trail in the thick shade of trees, you may come across a deer that will make you feel you’re right out in the wilderness.

This forest trail is around ten kilometres long, but it’s certainly worth doing. In the middle of the park forest, you can turn towards the sea to reach wonderful Planka Cove. This wild, sandy cove is the ideal place to spend a hot summer afternoon.

Rab by Bike Croatia

After swimming and spending some time in good company, you can continue cycling toward Valsika Cove and further along the coast to Suha Punta. The trails that lead there are five kilometres long, interesting and not too demanding. Along your route, you’ll enjoy a view of some of the most beautiful beaches and coves of the island of Rab (did you know that this is the island with more sandy beaches than any other island in Croatia?). Thanks to the e-bike, this whole-day cycling trip will be a delight.

Rab Bike Adriatic Croatia

Rocks, pebbles, sand, forests, sea, sunshine and you. The colours of red, white, green, blue all around. The scent of the sea, evergreen trees and immortelle. This is what you can enjoy if you decide to take an adventure on two wheels during your holiday.


Don’t forget to take your bathing suit, enough water to drink, and a GPS device along on this ride.

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