Winter Camping on the Adriatic Coast

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Winter camping has grown in popularity in recent years and the Adriatic coast provides the perfect backdrop for a holiday in nature.
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In addition to the mild Mediterranean climate, which owes its gentle yet brisk winters to the Bora (a northern wind that brings fresh air from the mountains), you’ll love both the flora and fauna, which paint the cold bleak days with a multitude of colours that change with the seasons. Although it is highly unlikely that you will wake up to snow on the Adriatic coast, the area does offer plenty of other options to experience winter in Croatia

In addition to being low on crowds and temperature, winter camping also provides total relaxation accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature and the sea. In other words, you’ll get to enjoy the peace and quiet and explore destinations on the Adriatic coast that are transformed in winter into quaint little havens for history buffs and culture vultures, while those who would like to experience a slice of local life at these locations can engage in a plethora of activities, such as truffle hunting, olive picking and young wine tasting, while the more adventurous types can go hiking or trekking, or visit the adrenaline parks. Cycling is also very big in Istria and on Krk Island because of the numerous little towns that are well worth visiting and the unique landscape and trails, which is why we suggest that you also make time for this activity. 

Krk Landscape

Temperatures on the Adriatic coast are favourable even in the winter, ranging from 10°C to 20°C during the day, depending on the month, and rarely dropping below zero during the night. That being said, you should bring a sleeping bag for winter camping, regardless of whether you are just sitting on the mobile home patio or sleeping in one of the tents because they will definitely come in handy. Also, if you decide to spend time outdoors, we recommend that you wear several layers of clothes and bring thermal underwear, while another useful life hack is to put a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag so that you can absorb its heat during the night.

The Adriatic coast doesn’t have winters in the strictest sense of the word, with snow and temperatures plunging way below zero, but it does offer seaside serenity, clean air and stunning nature in a tranquil surrounding. If you like privacy, then this is your kind of holiday. 

You can experience winter camping in a tent, caravan, mobile home or glamping tent – the choice is up to you and your adventurous inclinations.



Ježevac Valamar

The MOBILE HOMES allow a luxury holiday in nature. They are perfectly cosy, and you won’t have to worry about heating and the weather conditions. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a mobile home for 2-6 people with a fully-furnished bathroom, kitchen and living room. The mobile homes have air conditioning, so the outside temperature won’t be an issue. But we are willing to bet that your favourite moments will be sipping your morning coffee or tea on the spacious patio, wrapped in a blanket, as you gaze upon the sea and listen to the wind whistling through the tree tops. 



Camping Adriatic Glamping

The GLAMPING TENTS have all the rooms you need to feel at home, but keep in mind that this is a tent after all, without air conditioning or heating, so you’ll have to dress warmly before going to sleep in a sleeping bag. These tents usually comprise two bedrooms, a spacious kitchen with a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, and the patio, from where you can watch the sunsets. We believe that this is the perfect choice for everyone who likes spending time outdoors in slightly more comfortable and modern conditions. 



Camper Valamar

Whether you own one or are just renting – we have no doubt that you have found your perfect one. From the moment you turn the key in the ignition, travelling with a camper is a one-of-a-kind experience – one which can only be improved by camping on the Adriatic coast. Park on the beachfront and enjoy the allure of winter, allowing it to soothe all your senses. Driving through Istria and Krk takes on an entirely different meaning once you see the rainbow of colours surrounding you throughout autumn and winter, when the sea is bluer than ever. Home is where the parking space is and this winter, we recommend the northern Adriatic coast as the perfect spot. 


The northernmost part of the Adriatic is the Istrian peninsula, which has plenty to offer when it comes to winter camping. These are our TOP 10 picks of experiences available in this region:


Or, you could say, a literal treasure hunt. Learn everything there is to know about truffles, the hunting tradition and truffle-sniffing dogs, who will be your most trusted allies in this tradition. Fret not because the post-hunt truffle tasting is worth the effort. 

P.S. truffles are a widely-known aphrodisiac. 


The 80 km-long bike path is well-suited for amateur and professional cyclists. It starts in Plovanija and then passes through Buje-Grožnjan-Livade-Motovun-Vižinada before ending in Poreč. Choose your preferred section and explore Istria on two wheels.


The most important monuments of the classical age in Pula were erected and designed during the centuries of the Roman Empire, such as the Arena amphitheatre, the Arch of the Sergii, the Twin Gate, the Forum with the Palace and the Temple of Augustus, and the Castle (“Kaštel”) overlooking the entire city. 


Istria is one of the world’s northernmost olive-growing regions and a global leader in premium olive oil production. Olive harvesting and processing into olive oil usually takes place in October and November, which is also the best time to taste young wines as that is when their taste is most intense.


Učka mountain

This nature park is perfect for mountaineers and recreationists who want to relax and engage in leisure activities. The view that extends from the mountain top is definitely worth climbing and the unparalleled scenery worth seeing. 

Besides Istria, Krk Island (the largest island in the Adriatic archipelago) also offers a plethora of options during winter. It is ideal for everyone who enjoys exploring their holiday destinations, small local restaurants and picturesque towns. We present the TOP 5 recommended winter activities on Krk Island:


Vrbnik is a gorgeous small town overlooking the sea on the east shore of the island. You will just love its small alleys and restaurants, which serve premium wines. Žlahtina is a white dry wine variety that is local to Krk Island.


This historical artefact from 1100 was discovered in the Church of St Lucy near Baška. The tablet, which is written in the Glagolitic alphabet, was found in 1851 and mentions Croatia and Croats for the first time. 


This plateau is located near Baška in the southwestern part of Krk Island and was named by tourists. Why? Because of its moonlike surface – bare rocks without any shade, but with a truly spectacular view that makes climbing the rocky terrain worth your while. 


Krk Prosciutto

Salty, seasoned with an array of herbs (Krk is home to over 1400 plant species), and dried by the Bora wind. Krk prosciutto was the first Croatian product to receive the EU protected designation of origin, which speaks volumes about the authenticity of this product. 


This nature reserve and cultural monument is a part of the Krk Island archipelago and is situated in its vicinity. There is a Franciscan monastery there that is populated all year round. Legend has it that the islet was created when the entire Puntarska Draga was a field that was ploughed by two brothers, one of whom was blind. Although they cultivated the land together, the blind brother was swindled out of his share of the crops by his sibling. This incurred the wrath of God, who made the sea flood the entire field, leaving only the blind brother’s house and a small patch of land that he owned intact.

Explore the holiday accommodation options here and give in to the Adriatic winter experience.

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