Your Home Office and Home Address Don’t Necessarily Have To Be the Same

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We won’t forget this year and all the changes it has brought to our everyday life anytime soon.
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Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home, which has become their new lifestyle, in turn enabling us to suggest a home away from home in a more inspiring location, namely the northern Adriatic coast. 

There are numerous advantages to working from home – no driving to work, casual attire and the option to choose your own workplace. Indeed, that’s the best part – we get to choose the work environment that makes us the most productive. For some, it is a comfortable sofa, for others, a study, and then there are those who seek out a new surrounding to motivate them. We are those people, searching for inspiration in our environment, nature, new insights and experiences.

Poreč Istria

But then again, we travelholics are already perfectly aware that working on a trip is inspiring and infinitely more fun than working in an office. The only thing that can disrupt our flow is a dodgy internet connection or the distraction of exploring new places. This is why we have decided to suggest a few ideas for safely mixing business and pleasure and what to take into consideration when moving your home office to a new address.

It is no secret that we worship the Adriatic coast and marvel at its islands, coves and picturesque small towns. That is why we recommend that you move your home office to a mobile home, villa or glamping tent on the Adriatic coast this autumn and winter. Not only does this type of accommodation provide the comfort, safety and privacy of a flat but it also offers a very good internet connection, a beachfront location and stunning Mediterranean scenery. Nothing shortens the workday like a mesmerising view of the blue sea over the computer or clears the mind like fresh air. Another advantage is the lack of crowds and shared spaces brimming with people coming and going – instead, you have your own private sanctuary. 

Krk Croatia

Why not consider spending a week or month on the Adriatic coast, which has a mild Mediterranean climate, and where you can explore the streets and cultural and historical landmarks of charming towns and villages at the end of the working day and experience the seasons like a local, as well as the full allure of the destination, away from the summer crowds and heat. You can also always unwind in the heated swimming pools or the private jacuzzi after a hard day’s work. The campsites where you will be staying on your winter holiday make perfect home offices because there is no noise, you are surrounded by gorgeous nature and you can always order takeaway food or dine at a restaurant. The upside is that you can take the entire family to your new office. The kids will no doubt have a blast exploring the locations and frequenting the kids clubs which cater to all ages – safe behind closed doors – while pets are more than welcome at the camping resorts. 


This winter, we recommend two such destinations on the Adriatic coast.

Marbello Istra Premium Camping

1. Poreč townIstra Premium Camping Resort 5*, which is located in Funtana, a small town near Poreč, has decide to remain open all year round in 2020. This campsite was named the best campsite on the Adriatic coast and offers a plethora of amenities, features and accommodation options. 

You can choose between having your home office in a luxury villa with a private swimming pool, a mobile home with a jacuzzi or one 20 m from the sea, or a glamping tent, or you can arrive in your camper and park the home office in a pine forest near the beach. 

This camping resort boasts a very large building with a Vetri bar and children’s playrooms that will make you forget all about the cold outside. It also has the Aquamar water park with heated pools that provide entertainment for the whole family. Go down the slides, unwind in the infinity pool or play with the kids in the children’s pool. Istra Premium Camping Resort also offers an array of sporting activities, bike rentals, miniature golf and plenty of other options to keep your afternoons busy. This is the perfect place for the whole family because while you’re working, the others can find something fun to do.


Ježevac Krk Lungomare

2. Krk Island is situated near the town of Krk and is home to another campsite that is open 365 days a year – Ježevac Premium Camping Resort 4*. This small campsite, which is located in a turquoise cove amid a dense and intoxicatingly fragrant pine forest, is bound to provide the peace and quiet you need while working.  Working from home in a seafront location is the best description of your stay in this camping resort, which offers mobile homes and pitches and accommodation units. The children can enjoy the heated pools and sporting activities while you’re working and you can spend the afternoons exploring this charming island. We strongly recommend the bike tour and visit to Moon Mountain. The campsite is a few minutes from the town on foot, so you can easily enjoy the selection of wine and food. We are certain that this will allow you to recharge and go to work with a smile on your face.

And we’ve saved the best for last. We know that the home office can sometimes be even more exhausting than working in your regular office because the computer is on your desk and since it is already turned on you might as well finish some of your assignments – in that case the best solution is Valfresco Direkt. It is an online store from which you can order local food, ready and semi-prepared meals or have food delivered from the restaurants at the aforementioned campsites. Everything is delivered to your accommodation unit and, in addition to saving time spent on cooking, you get to eat local food prepared by top-notch chefs on a daily basis.


5 reasons to choose a camping resort for your home office 

Krk winter

1. Amazing surrounding scenery

2. Istria and Krk Island offer something for everyone 

3. The camping resorts are state-of-the-art, and the Wi-Fi signal is great

4. Valamartist is available (including Valfresco)

5. More time for yourself (and your family) 


We hope that we have inspired you to move your home office to an Adriatic location and shake up the dynamic of your daily work routine.

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