7 Reasons Why to Visit Croatia in September

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Croatia is a divine country, that’s for sure, and visiting it must be on your travel list. We are bringing you the top 7 reasons why you should visit Croatia and the Adriatic during September and what to do! Keep reading and find out all you need to know!
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During summer, all the streets and beaches of the Adriatic are filled with happy faces enjoying the sun and sea, but during September that’s a bit different! Now, don’t get us wrong, the sun is still strong and the sea is pleasant, but there is more space for you wherever you go. Shorter lines when visiting landmarks, or exploring museums, and more space on the beaches so you can choose your fave spot!

Bunculuka Naturist Beach


Following that, we must add that the temperatures in September are not quite lower than during peak season. Yes, it is a bit easier to fall asleep with a bit of a nice breeze, but your days will be filled with pleasant temperatures and sea temperatures at just the right degree.

Krk Island


One thing we simply cannot miss to mention is the gastronomy offer which is always, but always splendid on the Adriatic, wherever you go. But during September and later in the year as well, you can try out freshly made grape juice, just before fermentation, along with some homemade prosciutto, or you can visit restaurants that are always serving freshly caught fish. You won’t be disappointed.

Konoba Bokoon


Croatia and the Adriatic are also places where you can enjoy lots of different activities in September, but the best thing is you won’t need to stand in queue for a long period of time, because, you guessed it, fewer crowds! Rent a boat, sail, paddle, get a bike and explore the coastline and countryside, play some tennis or simply jog or hike, the choice is yours.



The thing about September in Croatia is that everyone thinks summer has ended and there is nothing more to do, but they are wrong, trust us! The endless summer in Croatia is real and the numerous events that are organized during September are the real proof of that. Wine and gourmet events, sports events, you name it.

Couple drinking wine


Sometimes during high season it is hard to get the exact accommodation you want. Especially when everyone is buzzing about the Adriatic, one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations right now. But in September that is also not the case. You can get what you want more easily. Is it that room with a jacuzzi, or that suite in the very centre of old town? Yes, you can have that!

Dubrovnik President Valamar Collection Hotel - Presidential Suite


As they say, save the best for last! One of the best perks about visiting Croatia in September is that you still get the best service and quality as always, but you also get more affordable prices and you can use what you’ve saved up for some additional experiences!

Marea Valamar Collection Suites-Infinity Pool

So, in case you have a trip on your mind or you want to visit Croatia, but still haven’t decided, now’s a good time to do so! We believe we gave you reasons enough to make a decision, but also enough information to plan your stay while you visit and explore our amazing country.


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