Valamar Chef’s Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Simple Recipe for an Irresistible Dessert

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Easy preparation and great taste are responsible for the popularity of chocolate chip cookies all around the world. Our chef brings a great recipe for this chocolate perfection!
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Chocolate chip cookies have long been considered an American classic, and instead of buying them in a grocery or a cake shop, roll up your sleeves and create this delicious and original treat in just a few steps. Let the youngest members of the family participate in the preparation of irresistible cookies and, to their satisfaction, warn them not to skimp on pieces of chocolate.

Spice up your time together by simply preparing this dessert according to the recipe of the chef of the Poreč restaurant Spinnaker, Ivan Ergović, and enrich your shared moments with the aroma of homemade cookies, which irrevocably bring all our senses back to childhood.


Ingredients for the irresistible chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Cookies Preparation

180 g of brown butter

125 g of muscovado light sugar

125 g of sugar

350 g of flour

100 g of almond flour

100 g of eggs

150 g of chocolate

4 g of baking powder

7 g of baking soda

6 g of salt



Chocolate Cookies

Mix brown butter, muscovado sugar and sugar until the mixture becomes frothy, then add eggs gradually until combined. Mix with flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda. Gradually add almond flour to the butter and egg mixture, and then add flour with the ingredients you previously mixed. Mix well, shape by hand and leave the dough overnight wrapped in cling film. Add pieces of chocolate into the mixture that was left to rest and roll the dough into balls, which you will later lightly squeeze with the palm of our hand. The balls are then placed in the freezer for 30 minutes. Bake the frozen balls at 200 degrees C for 10 minutes.


Watch the video preparation of the chocolate treat under the guidance of Chef Ergović!


You can safely store the cooled cookies in a bowl and eat them the next day as they will still remain irresistibly soft. Of course, assuming that they hadn’t vanished from the plate right after baking!


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