V Level: Holiday at the Highest Level

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You’ve worked hard and the dream holiday is the least thing you deserve. Comfort, quality and luxury are the keywords of the V Level service taking your holiday experience to the next level!
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You’ve worked hard all year round, which means that the dream holiday is the least thing you deserve. Comfort, quality and luxury are the keywords of the V Level service that will take your holiday experience to the next level!

Fine taste in the slightest detail. Recognizing and appreciating your wishes even before you arrive to your destination. A perfect understanding of your needs and the ability to respond to them and even exceed your wildest expectations. All of that is the V Level. All of that, and much, much more!

V Level Girandella Superior Holiday

Driving through Istria is a special experience, but during the summer months searching for parking space can turn into a real hassle, and hassle is not a word that exists in the V Level dictionary. That is why you will, even before your check-in, find your own reserved parking space where you can park all your worries and anxieties. There is no crowd at the reception as we have designed a special V Level reception with a concierge who will serve you juices, champagne and dried fruits while we’re processing your personalized application.

Did we just hear a sigh of delight? Yes, this is your room where everything is designed to pamper all your senses. Are you in for a relaxing aromatic bath? Relax all your senses, your dream holiday has just become a reality! Tucked in your soft robe, you are making a really nice coffee or tea and stepping out on the balcony. What a view! Don’t forget to breathe, because we have just started…

V Level Girandella Holiday

We know it’s hard to leave the comfort and luxury of your room that has already become your new comfortable home, but we promise, it will pay off. Your private pool is waiting for you, of course, with a super-fast Wi-Fi internet, so you can instantly publish your #poollife photos and make your friends and followers jealous. Of course, you can also contact your colleagues at the office, but let’s be real, you’ve long forgotten about them.

If you want to go completely offline, go ahead! Your personal concierge is here to introduce you to everything you want to know about local offerings, natural beauty and historical heritage. Rest assured that he will recommend local restaurants according to your preferences and find the perfect excursion under the watch of an experienced captain who will answer your questions with enthusiasm and impeccable knowledge.

V Level Girandella Resort Lobby Holiday Croatia

Top quality gastronomic offer goes without saying, so every bite on the V Level is worthy of the most discerning gourmet fare. While sipping an incredibly good coffee, a natural smoothie or – why not, you’re on holiday! – a real champagne, your own chef will prepare for your breakfast the perfect scrambled eggs with the ingredients you adore. Salmon or the best gourmet pâté you’ve ever tasted? Why choose one anyway?!

After your day trip and discovering the breathtaking natural beauties, for an evening meal you deserve an à la carte experience with the finest local specialties, whether we’re talking about Adriatic white fish in a marinade of incredibly fragrant herbs or homemade pâté with some precious grated truffle from the heart of Istria. All of that, of course, accompanied by the best local wines that your trusted sommelier will guide you through.

V Level Girandella Resort Lobby Holiday Croatia

Did this make your mouth water? Don’t waste time and book your V Level holiday at the Girandella Valamar Collection Resort in Rabac or the Isabella Valamar Collection Island Resort on the beautiful island of Sv. Nikola in front of Poreč. It’s time to take your holiday to the highest level. It’s time for the V Level!

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