Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit the Adriatic!

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Holidays on the Adriatic are mostly perfect, but there are some things we simply cannot hide any more. So in the lines below find out the top five reasons why you shouldn’t visit the Adriatic!
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We have to start with the most obvious one. If you’ve already visited the Adriatic, you’ll know why we put this on our list. So, the Adriatic has a lot of beautiful beaches, many of which are hidden, but the problem is that there are simply so many of them! Every time you find a new beach, it will be even more heavenly, and so you will always be searching for the perfect one!

Adriatic beach


We know that most of you love food (and so do we), but on the Adriatic the situation with food is a bit different! Why? We’ll tell you why! First of all, there is so much choice, then most of the food is home-made and traditionally prepared, and then your taste buds are probably not quite ready to taste all those amazing scents! And then the calories… You know the saying that calories don’t count during summer, but who are we kidding? After a holiday on the Adriatic, you might be buying new clothes!

Sea food on table


Most of you will have to drive to reach the Adriatic: imagine yourself entering Croatia, then driving by the sea itself, or through tall pine trees shaded from the sun’s glare…And when you reach your destination, you will have the major problem of which landscape to visit first! Will it be a popular sightseeing spot, or exploring the local vegetation, rich flora and fauna? So many hard choices!

Adriatic landscape


Yet another reason! Honestly, we don’t understand how Croatian culture on the Adriatic could be interesting to you. Really nothing to see except cities more than a thousand years old filled with art, more culture, many different events, museums and so on. We even have wine bars in old churches (Poreč), and high walls and streets which are popular series/film locations for Hollywood productions like Game of Thrones or Star Wars (Dubrovnik).

Hvar street


Last, but not least, is the Adriatic Sea itself. We simply don’t see the point in visiting the Adriatic just because of the sea. Crystal-clear water, infinitely blue views, filled with small islets in heart or fingerprint shapes… Like, you can find this in any other sea, right? Who would even bother to take a dip in such a sea?!

Adriatic sea

P.S. Here is one more, the number 6 we didn’t want to mention it because it is simply too scary for some! It’s – BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!

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