Top 5 Dubrovnik Beaches That Don’t Need Instagram Filters

Turn off your camera filters because you won’t be needing them on the beaches we’re taking you to. Just turn on the camera and enjoy.

We’ve all been speechless at least once when arriving on a beach, especially when it comes our first swim of the year. As far as Dubrovnik is concerned, on these beaches you will surely experience that – not just the first, but every time! Grab your swimsuit, turn on your cameras and embark on your #nofilter adventure.

Sv. Jakov Beach

The moment you descend a 160-step staircase and set your eyes on the cove, you will know why this beach is so popular. To reach the monastery and the Sv. Jakov beach from the Old Town, you can take a short walk, take the bus number 5 or arrive here by car. This is one of the favourite beaches for the locals, families with children and all those who, in addition to the crystal clear sea, want to enjoy a stunning view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

Banje Beach

This is probably one of the most famous beaches in Croatia which always somehow sneaks into photos of Dubrovnik. No wonder, since it is located near the Old Town, and its sea and beach area are perfectly clean, which makes it a favourite among both tourists and locals. Sand or fine gravel scattered on the Banje beach is just ideal for your soft feet.

Buža Beach

Buža is located in the Old Town, right next to the southern walls, and the door of St. Stephen leads you here. Swimmers who choose this beach will enjoy the summer heat as well as the spectacular sunset with an unforgettable view of Lokrum Island. The romance is guaranteed.

Danče Beach

It is facing the open sea and offers a real refreshment, ideal for the summer heat. The locals adore it, and you will too when you realize it is located at the foot of the Gradac park, just five minutes away from the Old Town. Here you can jump in the sea from the height of 30 meters. You can sunbathe on the piers and enter the deep sea by using a few available ladders.


Hop on a boat in the Old Town Harbour and in 10 minutes you will arrive on Lokrum Island. Here you will come across a beautiful cricket symphony and desolate rocks leading into the irresistibly blue sea. And you can also head to the so-called Dead Sea, a 10-meter deep salt lake, which is a phenomenon of this place.


Arm yourself with some goodwill and free time – and go looking for your favourite beach. No matter your beach taste, the most brilliant pearl of the Adriatic will be able to make all your wishes come true and provide you with the #beachtime of your life!

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