To-Do List for Your Pet-Friendly Holiday

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Croatia is generally pet-friendly and people are fond of animals. The nature is stunning and your furry friends are bound to enjoy loads of paw-stretching, seaside running, and tail-wagging.
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To make life even easier, it is always good to double-check whether your pet can accompany you to activities or attractions.

  • Most cafe-bar terraces allow for pets, but it’s recommended to ask before you sit down.
  • Restaurant policies differ; if you are keen on a particular place, inquire before setting your mind to it.
  • While walking around city centres or public areas, your dog should always be on a leash; a muzzle may be required for some species.
  • When ordering a taxi, make sure to specify you have a furry companion.
  • While public ferries generally allow pets, privately operated catamarans may not, so do check before booking.
  • Most outdoor attractions, such as the national parks or the city walls of Dubrovnik, allow for dogs to accompany you (and free of charge, too), as long as they’re on a leash.
  • Check the list of pet-friendly beaches in the area; in Croatia you are not allowed to bring a dog to every beach.
  • Summers can be very hot, so when going to the beach, pack shade or a dog tent together with your towel.
  • On secluded beaches outside the main areas, look out for sea urchins as they can hurt little paws.
  • Always be prepared with water and avoid walks or runs at high noon.

Lanterna Premium Camping Resort Happy Dog

A postcard from your dog

Please deliver to:
Zeus, the mighty terrier
Back home across the lawn

Wow-wow, neighbour!

I am sure you are surprised you can’t see me chewing on curtains across the street these days. That’s because I am in Croatia. They brought me along for family holidays! I was so happy I couldn’t stop barking.

We are staying in Valamar hotels. So much better than the kennel. In Dubrovnik, they left me a yummy treat every evening. We have now moved up the coast and staying at Lanterna Premium Camping Resort.

I have my own bed and a basket and metal bowl to eat and drink from. I even got a present on arrival! There’s a fence around our camping home so they let me roam outside. My owners bark and growl about the sea view, but I am most fond of the squirrel who I would really love to chase around.

We go to the beach every day. There’s a pebbly one which massages my paws and another one where I jump from rock to rock. I have made some new friends, a Jack Russel from the campground and a cute westie. Sometimes we play catch together. Swimming after the stick is so great. And I love taking a puppy shower after; salt makes my hair frizzy.

The other day, I got my hair trimmed here at the camp, so I looked really pretty while in the playground with obstacles, tunnels, and loads of running. Then we went and got me a new leash at the dog store, because when we are out, I have to play nice. I heard that we are going to the national parks, Plitvice and Krka, and they will let ride the boat on the lake. High paw!

I have to go now, Zeus. I see some seagulls I have to bark at.

Paw-paw neighbour!


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