Time Just for You: Adriatic-inspired Wellness Tips

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Embark on a journey to the Adriatic in a slightly different way, through wellness in your own home. Happy place is a wellness place!
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Aromatic lavender bath

Lavender Bath

We begin our wellness journey inspired by the Adriatic with a bath, and not just any kind of bath. Due to its natural benefits and enchanting fragrant notes that have a positive effect on our mood, essential oils are an indispensable ingredient of relaxing and achieving that inner peace. We have selected lavender for your bath which, enriched with the oil of this Mediterranean herb, calms your nervous system, relaxes muscles and reduces pain. In addition, its scent “takes” you to the beautiful island of Hvar, where the largest and most famous lavender fields on our coast are located. Just by reading these lines, can you smell its enchanting scents and imagine yourself relaxing on this idyllic island?

Sea salt peeling

Sea Salt Peeling

After you have completely relaxed thanks to the scents of the Adriatic, it is time to indulge in its touch… The healing properties of the sea are well known to us, but did you know that the Adriatic Sea is one of the saltier seas compared to other seas? Therefore, it is not surprising that along its coast there are three salt works located on the island of Pag, in Nin and Ston. To experience a touch of sea salt, it is enough to give your skin an aromatic peeling. We bring you the ingredients you have in your home for making the peeling, as well as the easy instructions for its preparation. We hope that after this beauty treatment you will feel as if you have just got out of the sea… the Adriatic, of course.



100 g of sea salt

100 ml of olive oil or coconut fat

10 drops of essential oil of immortelle or lavender



Add all the other ingredients to the bowl containing the sea salt and mix everything together. Gently massage the mixture into damp skin. Enjoy the scents and touches of the Adriatic.


Native plant teas

Native Plant Teas

For a complete experience, we bring our wellness journey to an end by sipping on a cup of tea full of Adriatic flavours… Teas made from lemon balm, thyme, laurel and rosemary, mint or sage, which grow along the coast and on the islands, are a great option for this relaxing occasion. Pour that cup that will completely soothe your body and whose scents will give you a unique blend of the native aromas of the Adriatic coast and its untouched nature. This integral part of a wellness ritual is the perfect way to end our experience, with one small difference. In this way, you have brought it to your own home.


We hope you enjoyed the wellness aromas, touches and flavours inspired by the Adriatic Sea and that you will have the opportunity to experience them on its coast as well.

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