This Summer, It’s All About Saving Our Planet

Nothing says summer like sandals, little white dresses, colourful tank tops, and straw hats. But there’s a new trend this summer.

Ecologically sound fashion with organic, sustainable materials that, in addition to being good for the planet, are also good for our bodies because they’re 100% natural. 

An absolute must-have for these hot summer days are sandals inspired by traditional Moroccan babouche slippers. While the Moroccans make them out of top-quality leather, designers have launched models made from straw and rattan, as well as an exclusive, hand-woven model made  from coconut fibres from Java. You’ll love how comfortable they feel. 

Beach Slippers

Just like you’ll love dresses made with organic cotton. Much less water is used to produce them than non-organic cotton dresses, and the cotton used in the fabric isn’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. 

Another hot trend this summer are rattan and straw bags. Top designer brands like Chanel have launched them, as have many high street brands. They fit perfectly into another current trend known as “rewearing with pride”. 

Organic Beach Bag

The goal is to make consumers aware that they don’t have to constantly be buying new things and to use what they have instead – just like fashion champion Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. This means you can borrow and recycle an old bag from your mum or grandmother, fix it up a little, and you’ve got a summer hit! 

Recycling products and materials to make something better than the original product – a process known as upcycling – has also become a big trend. Vogue brought this trend to light when they ran a web feature on designer Marine Serre, who uses anything and everything in her creations – from old parachutes to scuba suits. A few brands have followed in her footsteps, bearing the “repurposed” label and teaching us how to look fantastic in recycled materials while protecting our planet. 

Sustainable Fashion

So before you go shopping this summer, first check out what you’ve got in your closet and try and fix up your old straw hat. If you do have to buy something, pick the best natural and recycled materials – they’re good for you and our planet too.


Upcycling is a trend where designers recycle products and materials to make something better than the original.

Much less water is used to produce organic cotton dresses than non-organic, and the cotton used in the fabric isn’t treated with pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides.

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