Things to Know Before Visiting the Island of Krk

Great wines, charming medieval towns, a stunning coastline and rich cultural heritage are some of the many reasons to visit Krk, Croatia’s largest island.

Nicknamed the “Golden Island” for its sun-kissed landscapes and rich fertile soil, Krk showcases a spectrum of attractions, whether you are seeking active pursuits or a spot of unwinding by the sea. Think gorgeous beaches of every stripe, the deep blue Adriatic to dip into, spectacular caves and caverns to explore, and beautiful vineyards to visit.



In local restaurants and bars be sure to try wine called Vrbička žlahtina and the prosciutto from Krk. This premium dry wine is made from žlahtina bijela, an indigenous white grape variety that grows only in the vineyards of Krk and in the Vrbnik field. The prosciutto from Krk – salted, spiced with wild herbs and dried by bura winds – is the first Croatian product that received a Protected Geographical Indication by the EU – which means that its quality or reputation is linked to the place or region where it is produced.



The poolside bistro at Krk Premium Camping Resort dishes out delicious Kvarner region specialities such as the Krk lamb, šurlice pasta and traditional pit roasted dishes.


Savour the superb barbecue and rustic ambience in a fragrant pine forest near the beach at this cosy tavern at Valamar Koralj Hotel.


Try the island dishes in a modern and relaxed ambiance of the Bistro Funtana on the ground floor of the hotel. In the evening, go out onto the terrace, relax and enjoy the evening entertainment.




This ancient Croatian monument from 1100 was discovered at St. Lucy’s Church in Jurandvor near Baška in 1851. Written in the glagolitic script, the white limestone tablet features the name “Croatia” for the first time in the history of Croatian language.


Discover more than 100 different species of fish and 400 kinds of shell and crab in an aquarium spanning 200 square metres.




The island of Krk is one of the last remaining habitats of the Eurasian griffon vultures in Croatia. This endangered and protected bird of prey is one of the largest flying birds in the world – up to 110 cm in length, up to 12 kg in weight and with a wing span of an incredible 290 cm!


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