Things to Do in Istria on a Rainy Day

Regardless of the weather, Istria will fascinate and enchant you with its beauty. Just follow our signposts to find the magic it hides.

Rainy weather is not a problem in Istria! If you’re not one of those people who enjoy an extra hour of sleep while it’s raining outside, don’t worry – here are some ideas for activities that will surely impress you and make your day more fulfilling and a bit more productive. We believe that our suggestions will activate even the biggest sleepers among you. And how could it be otherwise when the reality in Istria is even more wonderful than the most beautiful dreams!

 Pula Amphitheatre

Jump into the time machine of the MEMO Museum Pula!

In just one afternoon, relive your youth or that of your parents and grandparents. The museum is divided into three parts, which include a street, a square and an apartment. In each of them, you will find exhibits characteristic of the theme – such as old photographs, gramophones and gramophone records, the first computers, examples of home decoration and, of course, the popular yellow Zastava 750 called Fićo. At every step of your time travel, you will discover objects that will reawaken some dormant memories. We believe that you will be quite glad you got out of bed because in Istria you can dream awake!

What are Istrian fish doing?

Quickly stop by the aquariums in Pula, Poreč or Rovinj and find out for yourself! Of course, if you have started your journey at the MEMO Museum, make sure you first stop by the Pula Aquarium, where a unique blend of military history and the richness of the Adriatic marine life awaits you. The aquarium is located in the Verudela Fortress and hides more than 100 pools and terrariums with more than 250 species of living organisms.


It’s time to change course! First, let’s go to Poreč where, in addition to fish and arthropods, you will be greeted by reptiles such as crocodiles, caimans, iguanas and chameleons. Peek into the Aquarium Poreč and you will see that, even during the rain, the heart of the city beats quite lively!

With its long tradition, the Rovinj Aquarium is one of the most famous and impressive. It was founded back in 1891, and there you can discover local species of fish, crabs, starfish, brittle stars, tunicates, snakelocks anemones, sea anemones, algae, but also many other inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea.

Get your daily dose of mystery in Svetvinčenat

If you have always believed that a knight is hidden in you, a real treat awaits you in the Witch Mare’s House! Try virtual archery, test your knightly (un)skills and get to know the mythical creatures of Istria. In the house of our Mare, the past is embraced by the technology of today. Visit it and discover the magic it hides!

And since we are in Svetvinčenat, let’s walk together to the Escape Castle in the Morosini-Grimani Castle, where you will once again have the opportunity to test your chivalrous virtues. The game is based on Istrian legends and historical records, and teams of two to five players can participate. Haven’t we given you enough reasons to make that extra effort to wake up all your sleepers?


Experience shopping the Istrian way

We know, we know – you can never get tired of shopping! That is why, as a break from cultural upliftment, we suggest a short walk to Max City, the largest shopping centre in Pula. More than 60 shops and restaurants await you, which will satisfy your hunger for shopping, but also for a quick lunch or a hot coffee. You definitely won’t need an umbrella while discovering these charms of Istria.

While the stars are falling

While it’s drizzling outside, you can take the stars out of the sky for your better half. Wondering where? The answer lies in the Višnjan Observatory! As one of the world’s most productive research centres for mapping the Solar System, Višnjan records the discovery of more than 1,500 new asteroids and two comets. Who knows, maybe while visiting the observatory, you get to discover a new comet or a star as well.

Višnjan Observatory

No matter what activity you choose during your trip, there will be no shortage of fun. And if there happens to be more rainy days than you hoped for, we believe that thanks to numerous attractions that Istria offers, this region will remain a fond memory. Although filled with rain, it will be illuminated by a good mood.

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