Things to do in Croatia on a Budget

Our destination experts have many years of experience in planning affordable but unforgettable vacations in Croatia. We have prepared a selection of the best things for you to see at our destinations when travelling on a limited budget. You will be amazed at how much you can experience for less than 30€ per person!


On the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria, you can enjoy the best of both the sea and the mainland without worrying about the budget. Poreč and Rabac are ideal for boat trips, such as Dolphins & Panorama, and we also recommend wine tastings by award-winning Istrian winemakers such as Adventure Wine Tasting (17€), the enchanting 7 waterfalls and Senton’s path tours (25€ per person), as well as the Pula Aquarium, the most visited aquarium in Croatia (tickets for 17€).



If you love the golden island of Krk and you want to stick to your budget, we have some great suggestions for you. Head for a wine tasting in the picturesque town of Vrbnik, situated above the sea. Book a boat trip that includes sightseeing on 4 different islands (24€ per person). Walk the seabed in Punat. Rent equipment at the Baška Bike Center and explore the impressive Moon trail. Take a peek into the small Biserujka cave, where you will find the bones of a cave bear. We are sure that this diverse offer will allow you to find something special and unforgettable.



Enjoy the happy island of Rab with its numerous sandy beaches and coves, dense holm oak forests and a romantic old town. From the many experiences that suit every pocket, we would like to single out: The House of Rab Cake, where you can buy the sweetest Rab souvenir for only 3.5€ (40 g), boat trips to Goli Otok, Sveti Grgur and Krk island (as low as 25€ per person) and the option of bike rental at Rab Point and exploring bike trails with the Rab Archaeological (T)races app.


There are few places in the world where you can enjoy a luxury and a budget-friendly vacation, but Hvar is one of them. Here are the things that made their way to our Bucket List without costing much. Depart by boat from Hvar and spend the whole day on Pakleni islands (as low as 28€ per person). Rent a scooter for half a day at a price of 20€ and take it around the island, from beach to beach. Have fun at the Jelsa Adventure Park. Be a part of the interpretive history tour in the beautiful Tvrdalj Castle of Petar Hektorović in the Old Town. Recharge your batteries on the most beautiful island in the Adriatic!



The most beautiful pebble beaches, mountains, islands, rivers, lakes… you can see and experience all of this within 100 km of Makarska! Enjoy an affordable vacation that provides unforgettable moments. Take a walk along the Skywalk viewpoint (1228 m) on Biokovo (ticket is 8€). Explore the attractive exhibition of the Malacological Museum with 3,000 shells (entrance 4€). Take a swim in the magical Blue Lake near Imotski (trip price 30€ per person), and don’t miss the trip to the neighbouring island of Brač. What else could you wish for?



Feel the glorious history, beautiful landscape and stunning beaches in one place, in Dubrovnik! Start your journey by walking amid the ancient walls that have guarded the city since the Middle Ages. Get lost in the view of the azure Adriatic and enjoy the picturesque coastal villages that surround it. Then hop on the cabrio bus (13.25€) or the cute tuk-tuk (30€ per person) and tour other beautiful Dubrovnik locations. While you’re there, book your Game of Thrones tour (20€ per person) and see where the Daenerys Targaryen scenes were filmed.


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