The Significance of Childhood Play During Summer Holiday

Summer holiday, a time of freedom and exploration, is an essential period in a child’s life. However, engaging in playtime goes far beyond mere amusement. It is a crucial aspect of a child’s development, fostering physical activity, honing motor skills and nurturing social connections. Let’s explore the significance of childhood play during summer holiday!

Playtime as a Teacher 

Children playing in a hotel

Children having fun at Maro Club

Play is an extraordinary teacher, refining a child’s motor skills with every move, leap and hop. Naturally, during the summer holiday, children gravitate towards outdoor games that hone their balance, coordination and dexterity. However, apart from outdoor fun, innovative and creative activities benefit children greatly and develop their imagination and problem-solving skills 

Maro Club in Valamar hotels

Maro Club in Valamar hotels

Explore Maro World in Dubrovnik, the largest family center on the Adriatic coast! To illustrate, one will find 1800 m² of trampolines, soft cages, game rooms, smart toys and countless hours of fun.  

Children can explore:  

  • Maro Club – supervised painting, cooking, learning, crafting and more for 3 to 7 and 7 to 12-year-olds 
  • Maro Smart Play – innovative STEM-inspired games that inspire creative thinking and problem solving  
  • Maro Fun Zone – outdoor adrenaline zone with trampolines  
  • Maro Entertainment – cinema, magic shows and various game consoles  

Enhancing Motor Skills 

Developing motor skills during summer holidays can be both fun and beneficial for children. For example, engage children in arts and crafts activities such as cutting, drawing, painting, and assembling. These activities can help improve hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity. 

For example, when playing on Busy Board at Maro World in Dubrovnik, they play with various handles, locks and latches. In short, it’s a great tool for fine motor skills building, role play, speech therapy and teamwork encouragement.  

Playing at Maro World

Busy board at Maro World

In addition, at Rigamajig playroom, children can explore various planks, wheels, nuts, bolts and ropes. In that way, they can follow their curiosity and engage their minds, developing both creative thinking and motor skills 

Children playing in a hotel

Rigmajig at Valamar Diamant Hotel

Similarly, at Paint2Life there is a modern twist on drawing. Firstly, kids can color various sea animals. After that, at the touch of a button, the paintings are sent to the life-sized virtual aquarium where the creatures come alive. The children can play with them and even feed them! Talk about imagination coming to life! 

Children playing in Maro World

Paint2Life at Maro World

The Power of Physical Activity 

Children playing football

Children playing football in Maro World

Summer is an ideal season for children to unleash their energy and engage in physical activities that strengthen their bodies and minds. Furthermore, playtime outside promotes active living and prompts a love for movement. Children can run freely along Croatian seaside towns, explore beaches or join exciting games with other children outside. In short, physical activity during summer holiday helps children develop essential motor skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Maro Trampoline Park in Dubrovnik

Maro Trampoline Park in Dubrovnik

At Maro Fun Zone, kids can challenge themselves in the adventure-packed zone outdoors. To illustrate, the amusement park stretches on 270 , including both an outdoor trampoline zone and an adrenaline zone. At Maro Trampoline Park, apart from various trampolines, they can dunk a basketball, jump from a trapeze or crawl through a ninja polygon. In short, it’s fun and laughter all around! 

The Beauty of Socializing with Peers 

Children socializing during summer

Children socializing at Girandella Valamar Collection Resort

Playtime during summer holiday is synonymous with bonding and socializing with other children. That is, whether building sandcastles at the beach or joining group activities at Maro World, children learn the art of teamwork, cooperation and empathy. These social skills are invaluable, as they form the foundation for positive relationships throughout life. Moreover, Maro World provides a safe and supervised environment where children can interact with their peers. Furthermore, they can engage in hands-on play and enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate activities.  

To conclude, beyond the laughter and fun, playtime nurtures a child’s physical well-being, enhancing their motor skills and weaving the fabric of lifelong friendships. Quality-time playtime nurtures children’s development, ensuring they return home with newfound talents and confidence.