The Most Fun Beach Activities Under 20€

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Take a break from the ordinary and indulge in the exciting challenges offered by the beautiful beaches of the Croatian Adriatic. On our Beach Bucket List, you can find activities that will let you have great fun without spending all your pocket money. Here’s what we picked out for a budget of up to 20€:
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1.Standup paddleboarding (SUP)

You can experience an exciting short sea expedition for less than 20 euros, and you only need a board, paddle and a bit of balance. Have you ever experienced the feeling of rowing on the surface of the sea while observing the open water on one side and the picturesque shore on the other? SUP has been one of the top activities on the Adriatic for years and does not require any training or special preparation.

Rental price: 10€ and above


2.Kayaking into the unknown

Kayaking is a great way to explore hidden corners of the coast that cannot be spotted from the beach alone. For those who love adventure, kayak trips offer the opportunity to discover unknown beaches, coves or neighbouring islands by rowing alone or in pairs. Rent the equipment and set off into the unknown! Kayaks are comfortable, stable and safe for both children and adults. In our opinion, this is one of the best activities for a holiday with family or friends.

Rental price: 10€ and above


3.Having fun in a sea water park

On our beaches, you will often see super-fun inflatable water parks that the whole family can enjoy. These locations guarantee hilarious entertainment under the strictest safety conditions. Don’t just stand on the beach and watch others have fun. Climb to the top of the glacier, do a somersault or try to keep your balance on the polygons. Have some true childish fun!

Rental price: 8€ and above


4.On sports grounds by the sea

It really is boring to spend the hot summer days indoors with an AC blowing over your head. Especially when there are tidy, top-quality sports grounds waiting for you at the beach. Whether you love beach volleyball or beach soccer, there are plenty of sports grounds that you can enjoy for a small price. Invite someone to a table tennis match or enjoy some mini-golf. Even if you lose the match, everything feels better when in good company. And after the game, you can always refresh yourself in the sea.

Rental price: 8€ and above


5.From beach to beach by bike

Get ready to take rides with spectacular views. The bicycle is an ideal summer means of discovering hidden beaches and coves. If you like to explore the coast on two wheels, bicycle rental is available near most beaches. Valamar’s bike points offer a wide range of bicycle sizes and types for children and adults.

Rent for 1 day: 15€ and above


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