The Island of Hvar and Its Beaches Will Take Your Breath Away

Hvar, Croatia’s most famous island, is truly unique. Its history, culture, gastronomy, crystal blue sea and people make it special in the true sense of the word. What makes it even more extraordinary, besides being the sunniest island in Croatia, are its beaches. On these distinctive beaches you can rest, relax and find your true self.

To make it easier for you to choose the right beach during your stay, here’s a list of the best ones on the island of Hvar.


For many, the most beautiful and romantic beach on the island of Hvar, Mlini Beach, is located on the island of Marinkovac, which is part of the Paklinski archipelago. Mlini is a pebble beach, popular among young couples looking for a quiet corner where they can also enjoy a cocktail on a sun lounger. If you want even more peace and privacy, Mlini is surrounded by rocky beaches that are ideal for relaxation with the scent of pine trees in the air. The beach can be reached on foot, but arriving by boat or taxi boat is an even more exciting option.

Hvar Mlini beach


When you get to this beautiful quiet beach from a dense pine forest, you will be enchanted by the view of the cove and its crystal clear, blue sea. The beach is located in a beautiful cove near Vrboska in the northern part of the island of Hvar. Maslinica Beach offers pebbles and rocks so that everyone can find something to their taste. Relaxing in the shallows and being splashed by the waves will take you back to your childhood, and if you just want to relax, you can choose a place on the rocks. A rest in the shade with the chirping of crickets in the background and the light breeze caressing your skin is the perfect way to recharge your batteries.

Hvar Maslinica beach


Behind you there’s a large hill dotted with vineyards, and in front of you the endless view of the Adriatic Sea. Near Sveta Nedilja there’s Skala Beach that you’ll always remember for the trees that grow from the rocks and its crystal-clear sea. Once you arrive there and feel the warm rays of the sun and the enchanting scent of summer, time will fly by before you know it. Why not stay a bit longer, wait for the sunset and enjoy the fantastic colours of the sky? The hills of Sveta Nedilja are where the famous Plavac Mali red wine is produced, so make sure you visit local wineries and taste the best wine on the island of Hvar after a day on the beach. The combination of sea and wine is the perfect way to experience the tradition of the island of Hvar.

Hvar Skala beach


Away from the crowds, cars and the internet, there is a hidden part of the island of Hvar that is a favourite of many tourists and locals. This is Zavala, a place connected to the interior of the island by the Pitve tunnel, which is rather unusual: it looks like a cave, it’s without electricity and concrete, and cyclists and moped riders are not allowed. When you drive through the tunnel, you get the feeling of being in an old mine. Coming out of the tunnel, you can admire the stunning view of the Adriatic Sea and the Hvar vineyards.

The fragrant air in Zavala with the scent of pine, lavender and blooming oleanders – a relaxing mixture that will make you doze off while reading on the beach.

If you visit Zavala, we advise you to go to the rather mysterious Gromin Dolac Beach, which is located nearby. When you get there, you’ll see why this beach is becoming increasingly popular as a photo point for travel bloggers. Its combination of turquoise sea, red rocks and cactuses invite you to turn off the main road and explore this beautiful beach.

Hvar Zavala beach


Sun loungers, palm trees, a light breeze and a cold gin and tonic in your hand: this is what a day on Pokonji Dol Beach can look like. The largest pebble beach on the island of Hvar, it offers everything you need for a day’s outing: local food, cold drinks, sun loungers and kayaks with which you can explore the surrounding coves. To make your beach experience complete, our advice is to reach the beach on foot: this 30-minute walk from the town of Hvar will delight you with beautiful views along the way.

Hvar Pokonji dol beach


A place not to be missed when you visit the island of Hvar is Palmižana. The cove on one of the Pakleni Islands is listed among the 10 most beautiful tourist destinations on the Adriatic. Turquoise blue sea, music from bars, the scent of pine trees, beach & boat parties – this is in short what you can expect from a visit to Palmižana. The easiest way to reach the oldest excursion destination on the island of Hvar is by taxi boat, and our recommendation is to rent a boat and reach the bay yourself. On Palmižana you can relax, have fun and meet interesting people, maybe new friends with whom you’ll return to Hvar.

Hvar Palmižana beach


In the vicinity of the town of Hvar there are beaches hidden under large rocks and surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. On the beaches of Zaraće, you can relax with a book, or go diving to explore the interesting underwater world. In any case, you’ll easily find your place under the sun here. Thanks to the turquoise blue sea, large rocks and greenery, pictures of Zaraće can easily reach the top of the Instagram feed. So if you visit Zaraće, you’ll surely make some great photos too.

Hvar Zaraće beach

Now that we’ve introduced you to the beaches on the island of Hvar, it’s time to book your holiday and visit them. Hvar has something for everyone, and its beaches and sea will certainly give you something to remember. Immerse yourself in the turquoise world and enjoy great wine, delicious food, and vitamin D – because this is one of the best things this sunny island has to offer.

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