5 Things That Will Bring Romance to Your Holiday on the Adriatic

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Everything feels more beautiful when shared with someone, but escaping the obligations of everyday life together is perhaps the most beautiful thing that two people can do to strengthen these invisible bonds between them and return to a “normal life” enriched with new unforgettable experiences that will rekindle old passions but also give them some new perspectives. Before leaving, explore all the available joint activities and fill every priceless moment of a well-deserved respite for two with unforgettable pleasures!
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Dine under the Stars

You don’t need to understand astronomy to realize that the starry sky over the Adriatic makes for a truly special experience. Let having dinner under the stars in, for example, one of Dubrovnik’s top restaurants or the fantastic Poreč Spinnaker be your first memory of a vacation together—the first of countless! But don’t let the restaurant experience be the only one that feeds your body and soul. Did you know that some Valamar hotels allow you to organize your own beach picnic? Of course, we will also gladly recommend various irresistible tastings and gourmet excursions in your vicinity. Oysters and sparkling wine? No problem! Wine road excursions, tasting cheese and olive oil, and even cooking local specialties under the supervision of top professionals—it is only up to you to wish for it and for us to make it happen!

Spinnaker Restaurant

Island Hopping

The popular “island hopping” on the Croatian Adriatic was the most common thing, even when we did not yet have a suitable phrase to describe the activity. It’s just everyday life here, but did you know that you have the opportunity to see as many as five islands in one day, even if you haven’t had the luck to sail in with a yacht? This unforgettable one-day excursion includes a visit to Rab, Cres, Mali or Veli Lošinj, Pag, and Dolfin; swimming at beautiful beaches; diving in the emerald sea; walking through pastures where sheep and hinds roam; discovering mysterious bays, and even visiting the Apoxyomenos museum.

But this is just one of the suggestions, because in the country of more than a thousand islands, ideas, experiences, and excitement are never lacking. Visiting the Blue Cave on the island of Cres or the Blue Cave on Biševo island, taking an excursion to the amazingly beautiful islands around Dubrovnik, or swimming in the unspoiled nature of the Paklinski islands in the immediate vicinity of Hvar, are just some of the activities you should definitely include on your bucket list of island experiences for two!

Hvar island

Get Outside and Be Active

Swimming and lounging in the sun are wonderful, but with a joint physical activity, you will both remain in enviable shape, and you will also get to see some new places, enjoy some new panoramas, and visit some sights that will truly delight you. Thousands of kilometers of cycling trails along the Croatian coast and islands are just waiting for you to leave a trail of your wheels. Perhaps the most romantic of them is the Casanova cycling trail, where you can follow the tracks of the world’s greatest seducer and once again seduce each other. But a bicycle can take you far, perhaps even to the luxurious Trsteno Arboretum near Dubrovnik, where you can enjoy yourselves, as a couple, under the canopy of 600-year-old plane trees and discover the wondrous world of Mediterranean forests, as well as exotic plant species from all over the world.

And at the end of the day, a well-deserved reward! Relax every cell in your body and banish every negative thought from your head in a luxurious wellness oasis, the Balance Mediterranean Spa by Valamar, where you will find peace with the help of the scents, sounds, and colors of the Mediterranean…

Hvar streets

Set Sail for the Sunset

The sunset is perceived by many as a cliché, but these people haven’t seen the Adriatic sunsets! There are numerous locations that rightfully claim to have the most beautiful sunsets. Dubrovnik, with its Elaphite islands bathed in the fiery blush of the setting sun; Makarska, watching the sun swallow Hvar and Brač; and countless Adriatic islands, each with its own unique sunset. You will be truly convinced once you see the stunning game of the sun and the sea on the islet of St. Nicolas… But why wait for your ideal sunset when you can sail towards it yourself? In Poreč, excursions toward sunset on SUPs and kayaks are available every day. Join us and you’ll discover that nothing beats being at sea with the most loved person on the planet, watching the sun sink into the depths of the ocean!

Sandy beach

Walk on the Clouds

From the deepest depths to the highest heights! The Adriatic coast is so enthralling that you can only fully appreciate all of its diverse charms if you observe it from a height and take in every detail of the panoramas that open up in front of you. The view from the Srđ mountain over Dubrovnik and the islands will fill you with awe at the wonders of Mother Nature and the architectural skills of her human children. The view from Učka over Istria and Kvarner will amaze you with shades of green and blue that you didn’t even know existed. The view from Velebit will silently teach you why this mountain is a mythical place in the hearts of your hosts. But one view is unique. Above the beautiful Makarska rises the mountain Biokovo, a nature park literally in the clouds, with a skywalk on its 1228-meter peak, beneath which extends the most magnificent panorama you can imagine. If during your vacation you were planning to get down on your knee and propose, congratulations! You’re in the right place!

Romance, your name is Adriatic! Experience all of its charms and choose these almost tailor-made experiences for the two of you. But before you do, book a place that will provide you with the perfect peace of mind that won’t be disturbed by the noise of children and the shuffle of family vacation activities. That’s why we recommend Valamar’s “designed for adults” hotels and resorts, where nothing can disturb your romantic pleasure!

Wellness - Valamar Sanfior Hotel Casa

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