Quick lunch in a mobile home? Have a barbecue!

There is no person who can resist a good barbecue, so we give you a few ideas to make your stay on the terrace of your camping home the most delicious ever.

Whether you appreciate good steaks, ćevapčići minced meat rolls, fish or vegetables – your lunch or dinner will be ready in just a few minutes from the time you place them on the grill, and the scents that will waft through the camping resort will make your neighbour’s mouth water.

This time we have decided to share with you a few tricks to make your summer lunch taste better than ever. Below we give you quick and easy instructions on how to fire up the barbecue in no time and prepare the meal following our suggestions.


How to light your barbecue

Most camping homes have a grill on the terrace, which usually uses charcoal or briquettes that you can buy in every shop in the camping resort. Don’t forget to buy fire starter cubes to light the fire more easily and to be ready in no time to prepare your summer lunch.

It is very easy to fire up the barbecue using the above-mentioned items:

Place some paper or cardboard on the bottom of the grill, add one to two fire starter cubes and half a bag of charcoal and briquettes. Light it up and blow gently or wave a piece of cardboard to make the flames catch. After a few minutes, the fire cubes and cardboard should heat up the charcoal/briquettes and the heat should spread throughout the grill. When everything is heated up, add the other half of the charcoal from the bag and leave for about fifteen minutes to fire up and heat the grill, which will then be ready for use.


An idea for your meal:

Boškarin Istrian beef steak with vegetables and seasonal salad

(4 people)

All the ingredients for this dish can be ordered from the Valfresco Direkt webshop.


1 kg boškarin steak

2 peppers

1 eggplant

1 zucchini

10 cherry tomatoes

500 g champignon mushrooms

Lolo Biondo lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and onion

Spices: smoked salt, sea salt with mixed pepper, ground paprika, vinegar and olive oil


45 minutes (including lighting up the barbecue)


Boškarin is traditional indigenous Istrian cattle. The round steak that we will prepare today is very soft and tender. Season it with smoked salt and olive oil and rub well into the meat. Let the meat stand for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the peppers, eggplant and zucchini into slices about half a centimetre thick, and leave the champignon mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in one piece. Season everything with a little paprika, sea salt and pepper, and olive oil.

While you were slicing the vegetables, the meat should have soaked up the olive oil and salt and is now ready to be put on the grill. Boškarin meat can be grilled in several ways, but we prefer it as a steak – medium rare.

Meat three centimetres thick should be grilled on each side for one minute and then ‘sealed’ for another minute on the grill to absorb some smoke aroma (the flames must be strong to form a crispy skin, while the meat inside remains soft). When ready, remove it from the grill, cover with aluminium foil and let it stand for two to three minutes. In this way the meat will stay soft and juicy.

In parallel with grilling the meat, place the vegetables on the other part of the grill. The zucchini and eggplant require about a minute on each side, the peppers about three minutes in total, and the cherry tomatoes and mushrooms will take about five minutes.

While the meat and vegetables are grilling, make a salad. Slice cucumbers and tomatoes, cut the onions to form spirals, and tear the lettuce into small pieces. Season it all with a little sea salt and mixed pepper, vinegar and olive oil.

It takes you about twenty minutes to prepare this dish. It is healthy, and – best of all – the kitchen will remain clean and tidy!

Grilling is really great fun during your vacation, and we hope that you will try the recipe we have prepared for you and enjoy this culinary masterpiece.

Let us know how it went for you, and please share your recipes with us.

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