Planning a Holiday With Children? Here Are Some Practical Tips

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Whether you’re travelling for the first time or this is an annual tradition, preparing for a holiday with children is always an exciting, but stressful, experience – both for you and your children. Here are some tips on how to reduce stress levels and increase the positive emotions while planning your holiday and the journey.
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Travelling to your destination

Travelling in the summer months can be very annoying, not only because of traffic jams, which can make the journey last longer and cause anxiety, but also due to the high temperatures. If your kids are impatient, and travelling in a car or other vehicle for a few hours is a problem, then our first tip is to try to adjust to their rhythm, and travel either late at night or at a time of the day when your children usually rest, so they can sleep along the way. This will make it easier for you to get to your destination, and for them the journey will be faster and less stressful – both mentally and physically – because it won’t disturb their daily rhythm. Make a list of new games to keep them interested and make the time pass more quickly (e.g. word games such as word chain, guess the animal, invent a new song, invent your story, etc.). You can also sing songs, play an audio story, or bring toys your kids don’t usually play with at home – here these might be interesting in the absence of others.

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Basically, there is no lower age limit and no unsuitable means of transportation for a holiday with children, but be sure to take enough liquid and salty snacks as these can help in case of nausea. If you travel by car, try not to let it overheat, and anticipate possible traffic jams and prolonged exposure to the sun. However, the advantage is that you can stop at any time if someone needs to get out of the car. If you travel by plane, children need a little more fluid than usual, so make sure you take enough with you. If a child has a cold, it is useful to administer nose drops before the flight to avoid changes in air pressure in the middle ear, which is something children are not familiar with and can be unpleasant for them. Sometimes it can happen that small babies vomit when a plane lands, due to pressure change.

Choosing a destination

Destination distance, surrounding nature, accommodation options and available services and facilities as well as personal preferences including budget – all these factors influence your choice. In most Adriatic destinations you can drink the tap water, which is an advantage on warm days when children perspire more freely and there’s a higher risk of dehydration. Another useful hint is to choose a destination that has plenty of shade close to the beach so that your child does not have to be constantly exposed to the sun and high temperatures. The beach itself is also important – if you have small children, then beaches with pebbles or sand are more suitable for carefree play and access to the sea. We also recommend accommodation that is intended for families so children can be in playrooms during the hottest time of the day or in case of bad weather.

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Major tourist centres offer a variety of facilities and activities you and your children can visit, such as sports fields, parks, amusement parks, aquariums or museums. We recommend finding relevant information beforehand. Also, hotels specialising in family holidays usually offer a whole range of services for children of every age group, ranging from soft playrooms, creative corners and cinema and theatre performances to sports and gaming tournaments.

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Everyone has their own way of packing, but we have a few tips that will prove worthwhile for any Adriatic holiday. Let your children take part in packing. In this way, they will get acquainted with individual clothing items and connect them with the seasons, weather, and type of holiday. Encourage your children to pack their things; this has a very positive effect on the development of their independence and organisation, as well as sense of responsibility.

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Make sure you take sun caps, hats or clothes with UV protection, and high factor sunscreen (preferably mineral-based because that’s more suitable for children’s skin). We also recommend that you stock up with mosquito repellents (especially for the evenings) and some basic emergency medications (to reduce fever and the like). Don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card so you can use medical services in Croatia free of charge if necessary. Regarding hydration, make sure you always have a spare refill bottle. Sticking plasters and other medical supplies can be found at every beach or in your hotel. Bring summer shoes and also sneakers (for sports activities or in case of rain) and some long-sleeved shirts for the evenings – anything else you can find at your accommodation property or buy locally.

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Family holidays encourage children to develop social skills and adaptability, so it is never too early to start. Children come into contact with different cultures and people like entertainers, with whom they learn and play, as well as languages and customs that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to personally experience. Teachers have confirmed that children who travel with their parents and learn about new cultures are much more accepting of the diversity that surrounds them. It is therefore time start searching for a new summer destination and do something good for your family!

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