Outdoor & Gastro Weekend: Guide to Black Sheep Festival on Krk

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Your holiday on Krk Island just became better! Prepare your taste buds and dancing shoes because Black Sheep, the festival of lamb meat, island heritage, popular culture and sports is back! From Friday, May 17th to Sunday, May 19th, Baška on the island of Krk will transform into a haven for music, gastronomy, sports, and cultural exploration. Read on for more info.  

Adventure for All Senses 

Come to Baška, enjoy your holiday on Krk Island from the 17th to 19th of May and get ready to groove to the beats of Croatian artists at the Black sheep festival! With lively concerts and performances, Black Sheep promises an electrifying atmosphere which gathers lovers of uniqueness. It is a festival of lamb, individualism, creativity, island heritage, popular culture and sports. The event itself seems to stand out from the others because it does not fit into a classic event with food, drinks and music, but celebrates those who are “black sheep” – as well as the event itself.

Charming town of Baška

Charming town of Baška

Apart from musical delights, indulge in a culinary adventure as you savour homemade lamb meat prepared in various mouth-watering ways at the Baška restaurants and food stands throughout the festival weekend. Lamb is a staple of the island’s cuisine. Grazing freely on the island’s rugged terrain, these lambs absorb the essence of the Adriatic Sea’s salty breeze, imbuing their meat with a unique flavor profile. The combination of wind, sea salt, and the island’s lush vegetation creates a distinctive mix of factors, yielding tender lamb with a hint of maritime essence, cherished by both locals and visitors alike.

Don’t miss the chance to taste a traditional dessert made with fresh sheep cheese, Presnac, a specialty of the island of Krk, adding a sweet finale to your gastronomic journey.

Traditional lamb under the bell

Traditional lamb under the bell

Do Some Sports (If You Like)

The Corinthia Cup - Jure Vukasović Memorial Regatta

The Corinthia Cup – Jure Vukasović Memorial Regatta

For the sports enthusiasts, there’s plenty to enjoy at the festival. Join the 11th edition of the Corinthia Cup – Jure Vukasović Memorial Regatta organized in collaboration with Baška’s Vihor Sailing Club. Watch as skilled sailors navigate the waters, showcasing their talent and expertise in this thrilling competition. It will kick off on Saturday, May 18 at 11 AM, from Baška’s Vela Riva, while the second leg starts on Sunday, May 19 at 10 AM. Join in and watch!

Additionally, embrace the outdoors with the Baaacycle tour, a leisurely ride from Baška to Jurandvor and back, offering stunning views along gravel paths and asphalt roads. The tour starts at 11 AM in front of the Bike Center Baška (Corinthia Baška Sunny Hotel By Valamar). The estimated tour duration is 3 hours to go through 15 km of trail, including 80% gravel paths, 20% asphalt. Biking enthusiasts can use both MTBs or trekking bikes. If interested, , click to register!

To wrap it up, unwind and rejuvenate with Black Sheep Does Yoga, a fun yoga session amidst nature, perfect for stretching out tired muscles and relaxing the mind. Practice yoga together with the Black Sheep in the green meadow right next to Hotel Dobrovit, scheduled for Sunday at 11AM!

Absorb the Island Culture

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Krk with various activities. Black Sheep offers an array of cultural activities which will enrich your holiday on Krk island, both for adults and children.

 Children having fun in Corinthia Baška Hotel

Children having fun in Corinthia Baška Hotel

Children can explore the fascinating world of the Glagolitic Script at a workshop, learning about this ancient alphabet and its significance in Croatian history. They can also join an engaging reading session featuring the picture book “Pobješnjeli Flegi” (Mad Flegi), followed by a fun-filled origami workshop with cat, dog, and sheep themes, designed for children aged five to ten. Produced by an animal protection organization based in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, this picture book aims to raise awareness about animal protection and responsible pet ownership among children, adding an educational touch to the festival experience.

Meanwhile, history buffs can embark on a guided tour to discover the origin of the Baška Tablet at the St. Lucy Complex, an important artefact dating back to the 11th century, providing insight into the island’s medieval past and cultural heritage.

You can also learn more about the island’s heritage in the live heritage presentation in the authentic ambience of the town’s Placa by the Baška-based Sinjali Association. Also, don’t miss the Šoto Cultural Society’s performance at Baška’s Placa. Titled “Zasopimo i zatancajmo” (Let’s Play Sopile and Dance), this event offers a fantastic opportunity to delve into the local tradition and customs. For the past 25 years, Šoto has passionately preserved and promoted the cultural and folklore heritage of the Baška region. Join for an authentic cultural experience, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional music and dances performed by the society’s talented dancers, accompanied by sopile players!

A Weekend to Remember

In short, get ready for an unforgettable holiday on Krk island and a weekend filled with music, gastronomy, sports, and cultural exploration at the Black Sheep Festival on Krk. Whether you’re a foodie, music lover, sports enthusiast, or culture vulture, there’s something for everyone to enjoy amidst the stunning backdrop of Baška’s scenic beauty.

Corinthia Baška Hotel

Corinthia Baška Hotel

When looking into accomodation on Krk island, Valamar offers an array of properties on the island of Krk. In addition, be in the centre of the action and stay in Baška! Check out Valamar Atrium Baška Residence on Vela Plaža, one of the best beaches on Krk Island, Zvonimir Sunny Hotel, Valamar Villa Adria or Corinthia Baška Sunny Hotel. If it’s for a camping experience, there’s Bunculuka Camping Homes or Baška Beach Camping Homes in Baška, and also Krk Premium Camping Resort and Ježevac Premium Camping Resort.

So mark your calendars and join us for a weekend of fun, excitement, and discovery!

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