More Than Just Swimming

Do you have a list of your favourite water adventures for this summer?

Everything is fun at the coast, because the summer and the sea don’t just mean sunbathing and lying about in the shade. At the Valamar Collection Isabella Island Resort 4/5* in Poreč on magical Sveti Nikola island, try your hand at the hit water sports the whole world is talking about. Climb on, catch your balance, and start rowing on a stand-up paddleboard. It might seem hard at first, but take our word for it – this is a sport that absolutely anyone can master fairly quickly. Everyone is certain to have a smile on their face after just an hour of SUP, because it’s just plain fun. It’s also a great workout at sea because it gets every muscle in your body going. Rent a kayak and explore the nearby bays on the island, enjoy rowing, and give your biceps a great workout. 

Paddle boats are also a great idea if you’re up for an easy cruise off the coast, and maybe a swim or two. For those looking for a bit more excitement, you can go paragliding from a speedboat. The wind in your hair and the salt on your skin as you slice through the waves is the ultimate irresistible summer fun. At Valamar Collection Isabella Island Resort, you can also take your first ride on a trimaran – a sailboat with a main hull and two outrigger hulls. Invented by the Polynesians 4,000 years ago, modern sporting sailors love them. Take a cruise a bit further out into the sea blue. Come to the V Sport Point, choose your sport, rent all the equipment you need, and enjoy unforgettable experiences at the sea

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