Maro Smart Play: Key to Successful Family Holiday

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Play is the pillar of a happy childhood and as such, the key ingredient to any successful family holidays. It’s no secret that good playtime for kids often translates to the much-desired ‘me’ time for parents. Valamar knows this, and constantly works to upgrade those fun times for their little guests and, in turn, their parents. With this in mind, they designed the new Maro Smart Play concept, an innovative take on playrooms. What’s novel about it? Read here under and find out.
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Unlike classic playrooms you find at hotels and resorts, often featuring similar elements, Maro Smart Play abounds in novelty that will drive excitement for discoveries and learning. It weaves in technology and unstructured play into fun experiences that stimulate kids’ intellectual, emotional, social and physical development. In colourful settings and across engaging activities that are relieved of preset rules, the little ones are invited to build upon their own discoveries, all along guided by curiosity.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Time for play, a different kind of way – Maro Smart Play key attractions

Maro Smart Play

  • Fosters creativity and self-expression
  • Stimulates thinking
  • Improves physical skills
  • Raises awareness of ecology
  • Encourages team work and empathy
  • Builds confidence

Maro & Friends at LiteZilla (ages 4–12)

Growing up is filled with all sorts of a-ha moments. Each new discovery sparks a lightbulb in little heads; at LiteZilla, quite literally so. On this large-scale, interactive wall, a glowing grid of sorts, a light comes on every time a magical LitePin stick is inserted into a slot. This way, the kids can paint and design with light, an activity that fosters imagination for all ages, even those over 12.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Ria the Dancer at Vertigo Living Floor

Every step in Maro Smart Play room is a fun way to learn, and especially so on the Vertigo living floor. With the help of an interactive projector, the floor is transformed into a dynamic and vivid underwater environment, brimming with little fish. By moving around, dancing, jumping or walking, the kids move the fish around, at the same time working off their endless energy – a promise of a restful night.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Lucija Discovers the World at Haba (ages 0–3)

If only curious, roving toddlers came with shells, like turtles do. But they don’t, so we created the plush Haba space for them to venture into the world of discovery safely, under the watchful eye of Lucija the turtle. Perfectly designed for a multitude of sensory experiences, from tunnels to crawl through to didactic toys that support the development of fine motoric skills, Haba is the busy toddlers’ smart playground.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Roko Builds at Imagination Playground (ages 4–12)

Children’s creativity knows no limits. When provided with a simple building block, the littles can imagine the next big thing. At Roko’s Imagination Playground, little architects, builders and designers will have loads of blue building blocks at their disposal, to make rocket ships, buildings, cities, and create new worlds every day.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Maro the Engineer at Rigamajig (ages 5-12)

The little engineers’ playground, Rigamajig sets foundations for STEM-curious minds. This collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and ropes allows children to follow their curiosity through play. Just like Crab Maro, who loves to use science and technology to innovate, the kids can use different shapes and elements to create machines, constructions and even tools.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Neno Protects Nature at Vertigo Paint2Life (ages 4–12)

Kids are artists, on paper and in life. At Vertigo Paint2Life, their coloured drawings miraculously come to life. With a simple touch of a button, the images get sent to a virtual aquarium projected on the wall, and enrich its waters with funky sea creatures, helping Neno to bring life to seas and oceans.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

Pioneered at Valamar Diamant Hotel in Poreč, Istria with great success, Valamar Amicor Green Resort on Hvar island, Girandella Maro Suites in Rabac, Istra Premium Camping Resort in Poreč and the newest addition in Dubrovnik as Maro World the largest family entertainment center on the Adriatic– Maro Smart Play areas are built around six key attractions. Each space is adapted to different age groups, and headed up by one of Maro the Crab’s good friends. Because playtime is the best when we make friends along the way.


Dream big. Think hard.
Move around.
Take care of nature.
Respect and help others.
Dare to try.

Valamar Diamant Hotel Maro Smart Play

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