Make a Cup of Tea to Your Liking and Fill Your Home With the Scent of the Adriatic!

With a cup of tea, time stops for a moment. It is your moment to relax your body and mind with the aroma of nature. And when the smell of tea reminds of the sea, this moment becomes even more special.

Drinking tea is a healthy habit and a small ritual that enriches one’s day. Tea lovers have their favourite flavours they stick to, but they often try other types and combinations in search of new experiences hidden in a warm cup.

Hot tea is also an ideal summer drink, as strange as it may sound at first. However, cold drinks take a long time to hydrate the body and therefore a cup of hot tea is one of the best ways to refresh on hot days.

Teas calm and lift your mood, but they can also bring back some beautiful memories and recollections – of the sea! You don’t believe it? Make tea from fragrant Mediterranean herbs and your thoughts will wander towards the Adriatic coast, and you may even hear the sound of waves for a moment. That cup is really powerful, isn’t it?

Lavender tea

But let’s start with what you are probably looking forward to: with a selection of several herbs ideal for making teas that will fill your home with the atmosphere of the Adriatic. For starters, we recommend lavender, a well-known fragrant plant that grows in the form of a bush with purple flowers. To prepare a natural tea, you can use dried or fresh buds and just pour hot water over them and let rest for a few minutes. Lavender tea is generally considered to relieve headaches, improve mood and help with digestion. Mix lavender with chamomile for a good night sleep!

Olive tea

Olive surely reminds you of the coast and the sea, but did you know that you can prepare your favourite hot drink from its leaves?! Fresh or dried leaves are used for tea, and you can enrich its bitter taste with some squeezed lemon and honey. Olive tea will captivate you with its smell, relax your tense muscles and help you fall asleep easier as well. Its healing properties are well-known, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect, prevents the spread of infections and serves as an effective antiseptic. What would we do without the olive, the celebrated Mediterranean queen?

Immortelle tea

A part of the Adriatic tradition is the preparation of immortelle tea that one often drinks to calm the digestion and cleanse the liver. It is also used for compresses for skin diseases. Immortelle is known for its bright yellow flowers, which are associated with the sun and warmth, and the irresistible aromatic scent that persists long after picking. Dried flowers are used for tea and can be combined with chamomile, mint, yarrow and plantain. Immortelle is associated with many folk beliefs and customs, and is also called the “immortal flower” because it does not wither after picking. On our islands, it was once even believed that the golden flowers of immortelle store the sun’s heat, and they were used to fill the bedding that was used to keep us warm when the cold winds blew.

Rosemary tea

Among the most famous plants of the Mediterranean region is certainly rosemary, which you have certainly already used as a spice in dishes. However, you can also prepare fragrant tea from it, which, among other things, stimulates circulation and helps to lose weight. It can be made from fresh or dried leaves, and with a little bit of honey and a few drops of lemon juice it will be perfect. A little note: dried rosemary tea is noticeably more aromatic!

Sage tea

Sage or common sage is another gem from the treasury of nature, which usually grows in rocky coastal areas. If you haven’t tried sage tea yet, you may be surprised at first by its intense flavour, but you’ll get used to it after a few sips. This tea is often used for rinsing the mouth and throat, but also for maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Be moderate with drinking it because it is a plant with a strong effect and its long and frequent consumption is not recommended. Also, sage tea needs to be boiled for at least 3-4 minutes to weaken certain toxins that the plant contains.

It doesn’t take much to make a Mediterranean-flavoured tea. It is enough to have your favourite cup, real herbs, hot water and honey and lemon to your liking (we think you don’t need sugar). Have you decided which aroma you will use to invite the sea into your home today?


Many Mediterranean plants are considered a natural remedy, and teas prepared from them are renowned for their beneficial effects on your health. Of course, if you plan on drinking a certain type of tea for medicinal purposes regularly, be sure to consult your doctor first.


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