Kids’ Choice: Twister Slide, Treasure Hunt & fun with Maro

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The small, but highly demanding seven-member jury has reached a decision.
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The top three most entertaining and fun experiences on a memorable holiday at one of Istria’s camping resorts include going down the Twister Slide on an inflatable swim ring, searching for hidden objects during the adventure-packed Treasure Hunt, and spending unforgettable evenings in a playroom.

The jury, comprising Barbara (10), Kaja (10), Eva (9), Jakov (9), Eva (7), Ivan (6) and Anja (5), had the job of their lives. They tested and rated two memorable water parks and 15 different Maro experiences available to children at the Istra Premium Camping Resort 5* and Lanterna Premium Camping Resort 4*. The absolute winners at both of the camping resorts were the water parks, where our expert judges were able to combine swimming, unforgettable fun and adrenaline water slides.

Kids Choice Pool

Aquamar Lanterna is a family water park with eight heated pools and many other water attractions. The pirate ship, onboard which the children acted as the crew that embarked on an epic voyage across the ocean in search of a treasure, was an absolute hit with them. 

“The most entertaining part of the water park were the artificial rock and the water slides that we were able to go down at the same time, and then see who the winner was after five races. The pools were fantastic. There’s loads of them and it’s never boring. Everything is great, and the water is warm, so we spent hours there enjoying ourselves” explained Eva like a true professional. The Aquamar water park at the Istra Premium Camping Resort, with five pools and water slides, was the children’s best-entertainment choice as well. Going down the ten-meter-high Twister Slide water slide on inflatable swim rings was another hit with them. “The water tower was also great, and I even managed to trick my dad, as he’d had no idea he would get a bucket of water tipped over his head. Everything was just great,” Anja said. 

Kids Choice Slide

Once it became too hot for them, the children headed off to another fun oasis. Maro Club at the Istra Premium Camping Resort, featuring children’s playrooms, dancing and other entertainment programs and playgrounds, is a place where children’s eyes alight with excitement. There, the fun never ends. Maro Mini Club, on the other hand, is intended for children aged between 3 and 7. Our Ivan, Eva and Anja enjoyed the Color Me program, staining their fingers with paints, and the children’s Zumba class, which was held outside, on the playroom’s terrace with a view of the sea, and managed to get everyone to dance. 

At the same time, our older and more demanding jury members tested Maro experiences for children aged between 7 and 12. In the end, the Treasure Hunt was voted absolute best by Jakov, Eva, Barbara and Kaja. At the start of the hunt, the children were given a wanted poster for a person they had to find, and then, together with their favorite animator Barbara, they had to solve a number of riddles and find clues, eventually reaching Piazza, the camping resort’s main square. The last clue pointed them in the direction of the park next to the Piazza. 

Kids Choice Tribe

“We managed to locate the person from the wanted poster in some bushes in the park. Then, it was time for punishment! We hid our water guns and you know how that ended. Plus, since the person from the wanted poster was dangerous, we had to tie them up with some rope and return to the playroom,” Kaja explained. 

Jakov found another exciting entertainment in the outdoor park: a small zipline, which instantly went on his list of the most fun experiences. The boys also added the artificial rock at the Maro Club to their lists, as it was another excellent adrenaline-rush activity. The girls, on the other hand, praised the various creative workshops. At one such workshop, they dressed as Native Americans and made cactuses and feathers. Dancing, singing and children’s laughter are integral to all the Maro workshops. Finally, it was time for some evening entertainment. Our jury members once again found their favorite experiences and activities. Maro disco and film program at the Istra Theater, special entertainment room with videogames, a huge sofa, and TV screen with a PlayStation, table tennis, Candy Crash… They tried it all at the entertainment area of the Istra Premium Camping Resort.

Kids Choice Road

Apart from Maro playrooms, with all-day programs led by the camping resort’s animators and designed for different age groups (infants to 3-year-olds, 3-7 years old, and 7-12 years old), children can also participate in various outdoor sporting activities and experiences. At the Istra Premium Camping Resort, the children even have their own oasis on a hidden island! Histri Island Edutainment Park is a tiny island, Školjić, where time stopped 4,000 years ago. There, the resort’s youngest guests can go on an epic adventure in the Bronze Age. There are two tribes living on the island, Epi and Tea. They all have different secrets to hide, and will unite only after someone finds the magic friendship sword. Over the course of the five hour program on the island, the children can join a number of activities, including building a shelter, going on a photo search, joining an eco-patrol, and learning about outdoor survival. The program, supervised by the resort’s animators, is intended for children aged between 7 and 12, and is included in the price of accommodation.

Kids Choice Animation

THE EXPERT JURY WAS ON THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME: Barbara (10), Kaja (10), Eva (9), Jakov (9), Eva (7), Ivan (6) and Anja (5) investigated and then decided where the best fun is

OUR ADORABLE MASCOT MARO will take care that you and your kids have the most enjoyable seaside holiday ever. When you see him, know that he is bringing a handful of fun: interesting games, happy songs and everything else that will make your little ones smile! 

MARO EXPERIENCES FOR CHILDREN aged between 7 and 12. In the end, the Treasure Hunt was voted absolute best by Jakov, Eva, Barbara and Kaja. 

Kids Choice Kino

ISTRA THEATER , special entertainment room with videogames, a huge sofa, and TV screen with a PlayStation, table tennis, Candy Crash… 

THERE IS ALSO THE TERRA MAGICA, an 18-hole adventure mini-golf course, as the perfect entertainment option for the entire family, as it takes you on a journey through Istria: with every new hole, you get to learn about a new Istrian attraction or site.

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