A Guide Through Istria for All Adrenaline Junkies

If you are one of those for whom a vacation without a little adrenaline is not a vacation, then you are in the right place. Istria is a real adrenaline oasis. The natural environment with its hilly terrain, numerous pits, cliffs and indented coast tempt you to try one of the adrenaline-packed adventures.

Mountain climbing

You have surely already heard about Red, Grey and White Istria – the lowland, hilly and highest part of our peninsula. The last two are the most interesting for us when it comes to hiking, with Učka in the southeast and Ćićarija in the southwest. All lovers of this sport need to know that Učka was declared a Nature Park in 1999 due to its rich vegetation with many flowers and medicinal plants. Higher parts offer coniferous forest, mixed with beech forest and juniper on the peaks. The highest peak in Učka is Vojak (1396m).



For all those who want to feel a rush of adrenaline, explore the “unknown” and meet ancient legends, do not miss one (or more) of the Istrian caves, hiding unusual shapes and stories from the distant past in its depths. At often quite high air temperatures on summer days, the average temperature in the caves is 13 to 15°C, inviting for “refreshment” while exploring the past and enjoying the underground beauties. The most famous caves are Mramornica near Brtonigla, Baredine Cave near Nova Vas, Pazinska Cae, located about a hundred metres below the Pazin Kaštel, Kingdom of Festini near Žminj, and Romuald’s Cave in the Lim Channel.

Baredine cave

Sport climbing

All seasons are good for climbing in Istria. In spring, autumn, even in winter, there are locations to enjoy climbing. There are officially 25 sport climbing areas in Istria all of which, of course, differ in terms of difficulty. Rovinj, Rabac, Dvigrad, Vinkuran, Lim Channel or Buzetski Canyon are just a few locations offering the climbing area that suits you best, because the interior of Istria has simple climbing areas for beginners as well as more demanding ones for professionals. Let your adrenaline-filled dream come true in Istria.



Do not miss a look at the Istrian peninsula from another perspective, the underwater one. Dive into the undiscovered and unreal blue pearl of the Mediterranean and experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The turquoise blue sea, considered one of the cleanest seas in Europe, and a 5,790-km-long coastline with more than a thousand islands scattered along the rocky coast, are an invitation for numerous curious lovers of the underwater world. The Adriatic Sea hides many beautiful seascapes abounding in flora and fauna, but also numerous sunken ships, planes, caves and the remains of past civilisations. There are also educational underwater trails where you can get your first diving experience or learn something about the sea and its beauties.


Kayak safari

The sun, the sea and physical activity, combining the pleasant with the useful, are the common denominator for an unforgettable excursion through Istrian beauties – a kayak safari.

Accompanied by an expert guide, lots of fun, adrenaline and adventure, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Mastering the techniques of paddling a kayak, coordination of all muscles, swimming, laughter and the beauty of the sites would certainly not be accessible to you on the road.

Kayak safari hot spots you should not miss on the Istrian peninsula are Premantura, Kamenjak Cape, Pula, Poreč, Lim Channel, Rabac and Rakalj.

Kayak safari


Windsurfing, or sailboarding, is one of the most popular summer water sports. Windsurfing will keep you in shape and give you a unique experience. Get yourself moments of dream-like leisure by the wind-blown sea, and feel that unforgettable freedom and satisfaction.



A sport intended for the more daring adventurers, the free flying. You should always start with someone more experienced, in a duet, never alone. The fear is more intense at first but, as you master the skills, fear subsides, boosting enjoyment in the beauty of free flying. Everything is at your own risk in this sport. Here you do not jump from an aeroplane or some other aircraft, but from mountain slopes that allow you to run downhill into the wind.

The best locations for daring experienced and new paragliders are Motovun, Kastelir, Veli Mlun, Zavoj, Raspadalica and Brest pod Učkom.

Hang gliding

Hang gliding is a recreational and competitive sport similar to air sailing, paragliding, but it uses a much simpler assembly consisting of a metal frame with a sailcloth stretched over, with a pilot hanging below the wing in a harness and controlling the aircraft by shifting body weight in opposition to a control frame.

In the area of Buzet, Učka and Ćićarija, there are eight airfields for free flyers where large competitions can be organised with overflights all over central Istria. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, the flying season starts in February and ends in November.

Hand gliding


Do you want to get rid of stress, forget about your everyday problems and stimulate your adrenaline? If you are competitive, paintball is the right choice for you.

It is about a few different games, all with the same ultimate goal – to defeat the opponents. Paintball is a great activity for developing team spirit and a sense of community.

Go Kart

Karting at the motodrome offers, first of all, safe, but also adrenaline-packed fun for individuals, entire families, and large groups looking for new thrills. Sit in a go-kart and imagine yourself as a Formula 1 star to enjoy the speed, adrenaline and fun that this sport brings.

Motodromes are open throughout the year, the most famous being the one in Poreč, which offers all kinds of adrenaline fun for all age groups. Even the youngest can enjoy a specially designed track where children can drive safely in special cars.

Go Kart

Adrenaline parks

All adventure lovers can quench their thirst for adrenaline in one of the adrenaline parks just a few minutes from Bale. These parks offer plenty of fun and enjoyment. Test the limits of your possibilities, pluck up courage and embark on the adventure of a lifetime in one of the largest parks in Croatia, Glavani, or visit the equally interesting adrenaline park in Umag or Adventure Park Sky Fox in Poreč.

Adrenaline park

Pazin Zip Line

If you want to take an unforgettable experience during your holiday in Istria, then the Zip Line above the Pazin Cave is exactly what you are looking for. It is a feeling that is hard to describe!

The adrenaline experience starts from the Green Terrace below Hotel Lovac in Pazin and is divided into two parts. The first line is 220 m long and allows a speed of about 50 km/h. By driving along this line, you reach a maximum height of 100 m, passing over the very entrance to the underground Pazin Cave. All those who feel brave enough, no matter their age, will enjoy the famous view.


Now that you have your guide ready, all you need to do is book your holiday. You will certainly not miss the fun! Click here and explore the best accommodation offer in Istria.

Author: Krešimir Vidović, Valamar Experience Concierge

Bloggers, journalists, tourist guides, artists, entertainers and all kinds of hospitality experts and enthusiasts have gathered under the ValamArtists handle to lovingly bring you the best out of the Croatian holiday experience. Enjoy the ride!
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