Is Croatia Dog Friendly? Woof Course!

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How could a holiday be fun without your best friend? Nothing feels complete without your faithful companion by your side! Croatia, with its numerous opportunities for a relaxing or active holiday, also gives you the chance to pamper your furry friend as much as you do.
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Over the years, the number of pet-friendly accommodations has increased, as well as restaurants, specialised dog bars, beaches and parks with customised activities. We bring you a few recommendations on how to have a paw-fect pet-friendly holiday in Croatia.

Pet-friendly Adriatic locations and accommodations

Most ferries, national parks, historical attractions, city centres and other public areas on the Adriatic allow you to be accompanied by your dog, as long as they’re on a lead. But of course, it’s better to check online for specific venues, like museums, churches and others.

Luckily, many hotels, resorts and camping resorts on the Adriatic coast will welcome you and your furry friend with special amenities and treats, like pet-friendly menu items, toys and beds, to keep you both comfy.


Beautiful nature and quiet bays on this Croatian peninsula provide the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to make yourselves comfortable and enjoy the Adriatic Sea undisturbed. Besides many wild beaches on the long Istrian coast, there are more than 16 official dog beaches, and most of them (11) are around Poreč. Most of those have dog beach bars and showers (eg. Dog Dreams Beach & Bar in Novigrad offers your dog treats and dog beer for a proper beach chill experience). Take your pet to meet new friends and have some fun at the specialised dog park in Lanterna Premium Camping Resort (fun fact: if your dog needs a new haircut, you can have that done here, too).


Istria is most definitely a dog heaven. You can find many pet-friendly hotels and camping resorts here. The most compelling accommodation in Istria for our furry friend was the Lanterna Premium Camping Resort. Long pebble beaches with water/showers and fenced dog parks are just basic things here (click here for the best beach locations; nearby these cool places.) Your pup will get special treatment here; welcome treats, toys and comfy beds are just part of the fantastic amenities you can expect.


Discovering the Croatian Islands is no longer a problem with your four-legged friend. Ferries to the Island of Rab, Krk and Hvar allow you to bring your pet on board. You’ll find more than 18 official dog beaches and over 50 wild pebbly or sandy beaches with natural shade. One of our favourite dog-friendly places is Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar on the island of Rab. Dogs there are treated like kings. Besides a dog playground, toys and a large pebbly beach, you can borrow shoes for sensitive paws, and your dog can enjoy fresh home-made ice cream and beer. See more here (but don’t let your dog see if you don’t want him to be spoiled too much…).


For exploring the islands, we would recommend Valamar hotels or camping resorts on the island of Krk. They’re located right next to long pebbly or sandy beaches, with many walking trails for your dogs to sniff. In most of the Valamar hotels and resorts on the island, you and your dog can have lunch and dinner in the restaurant together, a great advantage meaning that you don’t have to leave your pup alone in the room.

Southern Adriatic

Longer trips with your dog shouldn’t be a problem when you are well prepared. If you are heading to Dubrovnik, the world-famous Pearl of the Adriatic, we recommend you stop for at least a day in Makarska to avoid having the dog in the car for too long on those hot summer days. Here you will find long sandy beaches and the endless blue sea with plenty of natural shade so you and your dog can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and relax in great pet-friendly hotels such as Dalmacija Places. They have the best dog amenities, from toys, personalised gifts, treats, comfy beds and more. When exploring Dubrovnik, the thing people ask most often is if dogs are allowed on the city walls – and the answer, of course, is YES! Your dog needs to be culturally uplifted, too – just remember to take a little more water because a walk on the walls is not a short one. Don’t miss hiking on the nearby Srđ Mountain either. It’s a great place to meet new furry friends and enjoy a romantic sunset.

Is Croatia Dog Friendly? Woof Course!

When travelling with your furry companion, we recommend booking with Valamar, as they have a special programme for a holiday with your pet. In every pet-specialised hotel or resort, you will receive a dog destination guide. So that you can have all the local vets, shops, groomers and everything your furry friend needs in one place. You can expect water dispensers, toys, comfy beds, a pet menu, poo dispensers, dental kits, rugs… If your dog needs a haircut or a dog sitter, you can find it easily. You can even have a photo session with professional photographs to capture your best holiday moments with your furry friend.

Planning a holiday with your pets has never been easier. Now, find your pet passport and start packing. Don’t forget water, collar, lead, harness, and medication if necessary, everything else you can find here.

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