How To Pack for Your Spring Holiday

That magical period of March, April and May comes literally like a ray of sunshine after the winter months. Experience just the right amount of summer in Croatia!

Pack your bags, embark on a trip to Croatia and bask in sunny days and warm temperatures, while the nature is blooming and a hint of summer dances around in the air. We have prepared a little cheat sheet on packing for your spring holiday – here come tips & tricks!

Travel Light – No Just-in-Case (Literally) Pieces

The most important thing that is worth stressing over and over – travel light! One trait and habit that seems almost universal is over-packing for a holiday. One does not really need 5 different pairs of pants or 11 different T-shirts for a weekend getaway. And those high-heeled sandals? Well, if they haven’t been worn in the last three years, you probably also won’t wear them while vacationing away.

Tip: Plan out your outfits in advance, one outfit per day/per occasion, so as not to over-crowd your suitcase with just-in-case (literally) pieces of clothing.

Be Casual & Layer It on

If there is one advice worth sharing when it comes to packing for a spring holiday in Croatia, it is to bring layered clothing. Since Croatia boasts with many hours of sunshine (you can enjoy around 12 hours of warm sunshine daily), there is, for sure, a need to bring T-shirts and summerish clothes. Temperatures may rise up to the summer values, from 20°C in March up to even 30°C in May. However, do keep in mind that evenings and nights may also get chilly, so it is smart to bring a light sweater and/or jacket.

Tip: When packing layered clothing, you are also able to combine different pieces and make various outfits, which is also practical and in-line with travelling light. Definitely do bring a swimsuit for enjoying Valamar’s indoor heated pools!

Pack (for) Your Kids

One of the biggest challenges is to pack children’s bags for a holiday. Here appears a realistic need to think about spare clothes – bring 1-2 spares of each piece of clothing. Do also keep in mind layers when packing for children, too. When it comes to kids running around the spring air, a light jersey will come in handy after the energy burns out. While on the topic of the outdoors, keep sunscreen in mind – it really is a must in your suitcase! For some indoor fun, children will enjoy Maro activities, didactic playrooms and a range of fun activities in Valamar hotels!

Tip: Bringing spare pieces and layered clothing for your children is a must. However, the most essential thing is to not forget to pack your child’s favorite toy – leaving that piece behind could be a holiday deal-breaker.

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