How to Have a Barbecue on a Terrace of a Camping Home

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Camping resorts are ideal places for relaxing – you are outdoors, surrounded by nature. Then add a bit of terrace shade at a camping home and a barbecue, and the summer of 2020 can begin.
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The way we travel and spend our holidays have changed this year, so camping resorts and camping homes have become a more attractive type of holiday, primarily because of open space and nature. In these new circumstances, we need to take care of ourselves and our family more, while we are at the same time longing for a holiday in nature and recharging our batteries for the rest of the year. We bring you a few tips to help you make this experience as good as possible, especially if you are a barbecue fan.


Rules of behaviour and current measures 

Camping Home Barbecue

For a start, upon arrival at a camping resort, learn about its general rules of behaviour, but also about additional measures in this new situation. Each camping resort has its own system of ensuring the safety and health of both guests and employees, which is in line with the latest measures of the competent institutions, so it is necessary to be continuously informed about them.


Tips for safe shopping

Barbecue Grocery Shopping

Every good barbecue starts with picking the ingredients that you will prepare for lunch or dinner with your friends. When shopping at a green market or a grocery store, keep the recommended distance of one to two meters, wear a protective mask over your nose and mouth, and when entering and leaving indoor spaces, disinfect your hands with a disinfectant you have at your disposal. It is best to go shopping alone, let your children and your spouse stay at the camping home – it will be less crowded, the shopping will be faster, while the health protection will be higher.


Preparations for barbecuing

Barbecue Preparations

Upon returning to the camping home, wash your hands again with soap and running water for at least twenty seconds, and then you can disinfect them again. Then, under a stream of water, wash thoroughly and dry everything you plan to grill. Now it is also the best time to prepare the marinade for meat and let it rest for at least an hour or more, depending on the type and piece of meat. If it is chicken, which children and some adults like the most, then it shouldn’t take that long. You can prepare vegetables just before grilling, just make sure you slice them well so they don’t fall through the grills. Before grilling, season everything with olive oil, squeezed juice of half or one lemon, salt, pepper and, for example, oregano or rosemary, which you may have even freshly “caught” earlier at the camping resort market. 


Barbecue locations

Camping Homes Barbecue

One of the advantages of camping homes is that they either have a space for a charcoal barbecue, or it is already placed on a terrace. All you need to do is to provide coal or firewood. However, you are at the camping resort where everything is organized in a practical way that maximizes space. While you are preparing the fire, the necessary equipment and the grills, and thinking about what you will “throw” on them – whether you will play it safe with a recipe you already tried, or you will go with some exotic option like grilled pineapple or caramelized peach with a chocolate cube and a scoop of ice cream – indulge in the moment, enjoy the atmosphere, the sea view, the fresh air and the company of your family or friends, and make yourself at home.



Barbecue Plate Vegetables

Now, we all know that barbecue is often a social activity, and even now we don’t have to make an exception, just some small changes depending on the instructions of the epidemiologists and the camping resort staff. Ask someone from your family to be a mobile phone or tablet cameraman. Simply connect to the camping resort’s Wi-Fi and via applications hang out with your friends from the camping resort who might be a camping home or two away, or with those who are somewhere else completely. You can place your mobile phone or tablet in a way that its camera can cover your entire terrace. A barbecue with a live video stream can be even more fun with face filters. And this way you can very easily share some of your secrets of a good barbecue.

Terraces of camping homes are an ideal place for outdoor gatherings that we missed so much when we had to stay at home, and one of the ways to perfectly complete the time when socializing is to prepare delicious barbecues for your loved ones. In that name, we also bring you a simple recipe. Enjoy!


Chicken marinade recipe:

Chicken Marinade

In 125 ml (about half a cup) of olive oil, add a teaspoon of sea salt, half a teaspoon of black or white pepper, the same amount of paprika powder and cumin, a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, two chopped cloves of garlic, one small onion and a handful or two of chopped parsley. After mixing everything together, add 380 ml of beer of your choice (ginger juice or cider can be used as a substitute), mix once more and season the chicken with it, cover and leave it in the fridge. Take the meat out of the fridge half an hour before the barbecue to warm it up a bit, as it will be better grilled.


And lastly, always keep in mind that the precautions are here for our safety.


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