How to Get Your Children off Mobile Phones and Tablets in Summer

In today’s digital age, it’s no surprise that children (and adults) are often glued to their mobile phones and tablets, spending hours engrossed in games and apps. However, there is a high importance of finding a balance between screen time and other activities that promote physical activity and social interaction. Especially when you are on a holiday!

Read on and get some tips & tricks on how to get your children off mobile phones and tablets. That is, dive deep into your Croatian holiday – offscreen!  

Plan Family Adventures

Sight-seeing tour in Dubrovnik

Sight-seeing tour in Dubrovnik

Spending time with family is important, and holiday is the best time to do it! Therefore, plan outings or adventures that do not involve screens and are interesting to everyone. It could be exciting boat trips with caves exploring or enjoying other water activities such as kayaking or snorkeling. Furthermore, go on a buggy safari, try island hopping or simply exploring the town. In short, engaging in shared experiences helps create lasting memories and encourages quality family time! 

Dubrovnik view

Dubrovnik view

Also, do not forget to be a role model. That is, set a good example by reducing your own screen time. Demonstrate other hobbies or activities that you enjoy. As a result, children are more likely to follow the lead when they see adults engaged in non-screen activities. 

Rediscover Outdoor Fun 

Pool fun in Croatia

Pool fun

Summer holiday is the perfect time to encourage children to step away from their screens and engage in outdoor activities. That is, have some summer fun the old-fashioned way! Socializing in playgrounds, running around and splashing in the shallow waters and pools – a perfect childhood summer holiday. 

Check for summer programs that offer a range of activities for children. Moreover, look for options like sports areas, arts and crafts workshops or science clubs. 

Outdoor trampoline zone for kids

Outdoor trampoline zone in Maro World in Dubrovnik

For example, Maro World in Dubrovnik is a haven for energetic kids, offering a range of exciting options. Children can explore the amusement park on 270 square meters, with a trampoline and thrilling attractions for children of all ages. First off, an outdoor trampoline zone invites to bounce and jump all around. Furthermore, there’s an adrenaline zone where they can challenge themselves with thrilling adventures. In short, Maro World ensures children will be entertained and active – spending time outdoors!  

Spark up Creative Play 

Didactic entertainment for children

Didactic toys in Maro World in Dubrovnik

Get children interested in engaging offline activities! For example, prompt them to solve puzzles, draw, paint and hang out with other children. Such activities benefit socialization and children development greatly 

If taking a holiday Dubrovnik, don’t miss Maro Smart Play. It is an innovative and interactive play area designed to stimulate creativity and imagination. In short, through engaging activities and games, children can learn, explore, and have a blast without relying on digital devices.  

Lego corner at Maro Smart Play

Lego corner at Maro Smart Play

In addition, Maro Club provides a safe and supervised environment where children can interact with their peers and enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate activities. To illustrate, from building blocks to board games, Maro Club encourages hands-on play and socialization. 

Children having fun in Maro Club

Fun in Maro Club

Reducing Screen Time with Summer Holiday 

To conclude, summer offers a unique opportunity to redirect your children’s attention away from screens and towards outdoor play. It comes with numerous benefits for children’s development. It allows them to engage in physical exercise, fostering a healthy lifestyle and promoting their overall well-being. Furthermore, spending time with other children enhances their social skills, encourages teamwork and boosts their confidence. 

This summer holiday, let’s strike a balance between technology and real-life experiences that make lasting memories! 

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