Holiday for Two: Top Adriatic Destinations for Couples

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For ideal couples holidays it is important to choose the right destination. We bring you a selection of several romantic places that are made for (just) the two of you!
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Do you want to get a good night’s sleep in your dream room and enjoy a late breakfast for two on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea? Do you dream of simultaneously relaxing your body, mind and soul: on the beach, in the pool, in the sauna and while getting a massage? Are you drawn to the idea of cycling and exploring the amazing landscapes made for posing and couples photography? Do you support the theory saying that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and do you want to test it in practice by tasting the finest delicacies?

We have prepared for you a selection of some of the best Adriatic destinations for couples. The ones you can’t go wrong with and where you will get the privacy you want, countless opportunities for personal enjoyment and where you can relax just the way you like. Ready for a romantic holiday to remember?

Istria – gourmet paradise

Istria Gourmet

The largest Croatian peninsula boasts a quality traditional but also contemporary cuisine that you can enjoy while taking pleasure in views of idyllic natural beauties of Istria. This is a destination that gives you that extra reason to visit it all year round, thanks to a variety of facilities and events, from sports and recreational events to gourmet events and traditional festivities. It is up to you to choose how to spend your time in Istria and which flavours should complement your stay here. In this gourmet paradise make sure you taste truffles (tested aphrodisiac), fuži, wild asparagus and the Istrian beef boškarin. Don’t miss your chance to visit winemakers who store exceptional wines in their wine cellars, from the most prevalent white malvasia to red wines teran and refošk and sweet muškat, as well as local olive growers who are known to have some of the best olive oils on their shelves! We know it’s a cliché, but we have to put a well-known sentence here – the way to a man’s heart is (indeed) through his stomach. And Istria knows that very well.

Rab – getaway to paradise (on Earth)

Couple on Rab beach

In short, you will find true happiness on the Happy Island. It hides in small but priceless things… Idyllic landscapes, crystal clear sea and beautiful, infinitely long beaches, especially the sandy Rajska plaža beach in Lopar. Here you will also discover the Rab fjaka, a lifestyle where you slowly and completely enjoy every moment you spend on this island. You can also spice up your escape to this paradise on Earth with a picnic on some of the breath-taking locations or a night boat ride under the moonlight. At your request, the friendly staff of the Rab hotels will organize that unforgettable scenery for your romantic moments. If you wish, you can also explore extraordinary relaxation opportunities at the pools and wellness centres. Whatever you choose, the conditions for your escape from everyday life on Rab Island are completely fulfilled. Ultimately, you can take everything off, literally, because on this island you will also find the famous nudist beach Kandarola.

Dubrovnik – explorer’s paradise

Couple in Dubrovnik

The most famous Croatian tourist destination has a lot to offer and when you get there, one thing becomes clear – you should thoroughly explore it, especially the Old Town. Take a walk hand in hand on the spectacular city walls, and dedicate at least one full day to visiting the filming locations of the Game of Thrones series. Maybe you should include a cosplay in the whole story? Take a trip to Lokrum Island the next day, enjoy the town from a completely new perspective, take a swim at one of its many beaches, but also take a stroll through its botanical garden. The third day is dedicated to relaxing on one of the most beautiful beaches in and around the town. At the end of each day, while sipping champagne, soak up the last rays of sunset on, for example, the Karaka sailing ship, a replica of the ship from the era of the Republic of Ragusa. Make the most of the night-time by dancing under the stars, enjoying films and open stage performances, and if all of this is not enough for you, explore the surrounding area

Or just stay in your room, order room service and do your own thing. And let us know what the ideal holiday for two looks like from your perspective…

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