Why Go Fishing While On Holiday On The Adriatic?

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“Every place on the Croatian coast or on an island has its own “local fisherman” who will tell you his story of the centuries-old struggle between man and nature, man and the sea, man and fish. Allow yourself to feel this unique experience.”
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Since ancient times, the Adriatic Sea has been a rich source of food for all who happened to be near it. From the ancient Illyrians, Greeks, Romans and all ancient conquerors until today, we all feed on the gifts of the Adriatic blue.


Why go fishing in the Adriatic Sea?

There are many answers to this question. Crystal clear sea, indented coast, numerous islands and quiet coves send you a simple invitation for a fishing adventure.

The Adriatic Sea is among the cleanest seas in Europe. Its warm temperature, shallowness and absence of strong tides are an ideal environment for recreational fishing. The Adriatic Sea is rich in fish, marine mammals, marine plankton, shells, crabs and sponges, which is the reason for the thousand-year-old fishing tradition as a branch of the traditional diet as well as the food industry, and most of all, an ideal way to relax and connect with nature.

The Croatian coast offers a wide range of fishing opportunities throughout the year. You have an option of “deep sea”, where you can catch everything from small blue or white fish to sea predators, which, of course, depends on your wishes. If you are interested in tuna hunting, there is “big game” fishing from April to November, and if you are one of those who prefer fishing with a rod, then summer and autumn are the right choice for you, when the sea is warmer and abounds in high-quality fish (longfin tuna, lamprey, the Atlantic bonito, blue shark, etc.).

Should you need another reason to go fishing in the Adriatic, then it is definitely the choice of over 400 fish species that live in our area, such as common dentex, the gilt-head sea bream, the European bass and many, many others that bring a delicacy to your tables.

Sea food

For all fishing enthusiasts, there is always an extra option. Our local fishermen will always be happy to host you on their boats and take you on an unforgettable adventure; fishing with a real expert on a small boat. Each of them will be happy to demonstrate his culinary skills. You will be able to store all the catch, fish and squid, immediately on the trawler or barge and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.


How many times have you found yourself walking along the waterfront, near a fisherman catching fish at dusk? Experience and enjoy this way of fishing with a beautiful sunset, the sounds of the sea and nature surrounding you.

Depending on your wishes, the entire Istrian coast offers everything, from big game fishing, fishing on smaller boats to fishing from the shore. Big Game fishing is sport fishing to hunt for big fish. When it comes to Big Game fishing in Istria, it is about hunting for bluefin tuna, blue shark, and common thresher. Hunting always takes place on the open sea, and it is often at a great distance from land. The boat on which you will go hunting is well equipped for such an adventure: from fish finders (probes), through radars and belts for stand-up fighting with tuna, to rods of different sizes. Our experienced and professional captains will give you all the necessary training and help you to reach your triumphant catch using the popular drifting technique.


The cities of Umag, Novigrad, Poreč and Rovinj, with their coastal areas, stand out as top locations for fishing in Istria. The entire coastline is differently formed with a multitude of above- and below-sea rocks, along with parts of sandy, shelly and muddy bottoms, which are exceptionally well suited to a variety of fish – from gilt-head bream, European bass, flathead grey mullet and salema porgy along the coast to zander, sharks and rays and red scorpionfish in more distant parts.

The nutritious mud that the Mirna River spreads over the entire Novigrad area is extremely beneficial for numerous fish species – gilt-head bream, European bass, sand steenbras and flathead grey mullet along the shore, and common dentex, common pandora, striped red mullet, sharks and rays and even squid in more distant parts. The fishing zone of Rovinj stretches from the Lim channel to Cape Barbariga. In this area, we find all types of sea bottom with the predominant mass of cystoseira algae, where it is possible to catch European lobster, squid, cuttlefish, common dentex, sargo, red scorpionfish and European conger.

Big Game fishing

Finally, don’t forget, whatever fishing method you choose, it is important to comply with the laws and ethical principles related to the protection of the sea and the marine ecosystem. Fishing licences are mandatory for all residents of the Republic of Croatia, as well as for visitors. There are daily, weekly, monthly and annual fishing licences issued by authorised offices of the Ministry of Agriculture, tourist agencies or port administrations.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for a catch, but that’s why good fun and excitement are inevitable.

Author: Krešimir Vidović, Valamar Experience Concierge

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