Holiday Etiquette: 10 Camping Rules During Your Stay

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Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural environment. In order for everyone to have a peaceful and pleasant stay, there are general rules that campsite guests need to follow.
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We’re not just talking about preserving the natural environment, but also about the mutual respect of the space, peace and privacy of all guests on the campsite. Here’s our little guide to camping etiquette to make sure you and other campsite guests enjoy your stay!

1. Put Your Pitch Number in a Place That Can Be Easily Seen

When you check in at the campsite, you get a sign with your pitch number on it which you must put in a visible place on your tent or caravan. This is for the staff to know that you’re registered at the campsite. At the end of your stay, you’re required to return the sign.

2. Keep in Mind the Privacy of Other Guests

During your stay at the campsite, make sure you respect the privacy of others in the same way you want others to respect yours. For example, don’t walk through another camper’s pitch, especially if you don’t know them. Using such shortcuts isn’t worth somebody labelling you as disrespectful or even as an intruder. 

3. Respect the “Quiet Time”

The same rules valid back home also apply on the campsite: don’t make a noise and reduce your activities during the afternoon and night-time “quiet hours”. You surely don’t want to disturb someone relaxing, do you? Information about the “quiet hours” and general campsite rules are available at the reception.

4. Don’t Make Waste

Enjoy the nature around you, but also protect it! Don’t damage the plants or disturb the wildlife, and make sure you don’t leave any waste behind. Apart from being a matter of basic education and culture, keep in mind that campers staying here after you are also entitled to enjoy unspoilt green surroundings.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Dog

Dogs can be good company during your holiday, but can sometimes irritate other guests, especially if they bark too much. If your four-legged friend has a problem with adopting the ‘rules of good behaviour’, think about taking it to a dog park where it’ll have enough space to play and run. Also make sure you clean up after your dog, just as you do back home. A campsite is simply no place for a pet to use as a toilet.

6. Don’t Exaggerate With the Light

Turn off your lights at night! Not just to save energy, but also for the sake of your fellow campers whom your light might disturb while they try to sleep. The last family member to go to sleep should remember to turn off the lights.

7. Watch Your Children’s Behaviour at the Pools

Your children will surely love it in the pool, but don’t let their behaviour get out of control. Tell them it’s not polite to splash other guests, and make sure they don’t jump and dive into the water where there are other people. What they find amusing might be annoying to others.

8. Leave a Note for Future Campsite Guests

At the end of your stay, take a few minutes to write a short message for guests coming after you. It can be a practical piece of advice regarding the use of the campsite, a recommendation for a nice place to visit or the location of a hidden beach, a ‘have a nice stay’ wish or anything you find appropriate. Of course, this is not compulsory, but a message with a few warm words will surely mean a lot to new campsite guests and make their day.

9. Clean up Before You Leave

Do we need to say that you must clean up your camping spot before you leave? Remove all the bottles and caps, cans, packaging and pieces of paper. If you’re in a hurry packing, have your children do the cleaning. Promise them a small reward if they do the job properly – and everything will be clean and shiny within minutes!

10. Settle Payment the Day Before

Avoid any hustle and bustle just before leaving by checking out and settling your bills at the reception the day before. This will make the last day of your stay more comfortable and will leave more time for packing and perhaps even for another pleasant stroll before you leave.

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