Have Fun, Maro Will Keep an Eye on the Kids

A perfect family holiday means that both parents and children take a break and have fun, return home full of beautiful new experiences and happily remember their holiday spent on the Adriatic.

While this may sometimes seem like an impossible mission, there are programmes designed specifically to keep parents and children happy and rested when they get back from their holiday. How is that possible? We have one special word that answers this question and that is – Maro!

Whether you want to carelessly lie on the beach and listen to waves, or you are more of the type of person who simply has to try a new adrenaline descent into a cave, surf or go on a romantic excursion for two, all of that and more is possible only if you’re absolutely sure that your children are safe and that you don’t have to worry about them. Moreover, that they’re having so much fun that, at the end of the day, they can’t stop telling you all about their impressions. Although, you too have plenty of new experiences you’d like to share.

Learning through play

There is a variety of animation programmes for children everywhere, but Maro really makes a difference. This programme is designed and developed to offer children a diverse selection of quality entertainment programmes and activities, appropriate for their age and for good fun. How good? So good that there’s a chance that the kids won’t even notice you were gone, and they might even tell you that you don’t have to return so soon…

Maro clubs are places where it’s perfectly fine to be crazy about sports, adore reading or get all stained while enjoying the day, whether we’re talking about 4-year-old kids or teenagers who are into dance, games or music. With Maro, all children learn through fun without being aware of it. If a topic allows it, animators turn into fairy-tale characters while children become explorers, sports stars and artists. To make sure the magic doesn’t end there, we have also prepared a real school for magicians for your children, and after that no parent will ever be able to say that his child doesn’t like school! Playrooms, sports and gaming tournaments, teen hangouts and entertaining evening programmes – just wish for it, and there’s a great chance Maro has already read your mind and included your wishes in its incredibly rich offer in numerous facilities on the Adriatic coast.

Fun for the whole family

Of course, the fun is not reserved only for children. Parents can participate in the activities as well, of course without all the hassle and worry about what to do or how to organize everything. For example, at the Valamar Collection Isabella Island Resort on the beautiful island of Sveti Nikola in front of Poreč, Maro Club has over a thousand square meters of children’s playrooms, a cinema for the kids that they can go to alone and with you. Watching summer blockbusters together after a day out in the sun and on the beach is a great family tradition, just like our famous family sports competitions. Maro provides the space and opportunity to compete with your children and create your own traditions. Or to compete with other families – friendships made at sea can last a lifetime!

What’s on the menu? Everything you like!

Food is a big challenge that parents worry about for a reason. Today, we hear less and less talk about kids being picky about food and more about kids needing a special diet. However, the 4 and 5-star Valamar hotels and resorts elegantly address this parenting stress by offering children’s menus that are easily and quickly adapted to individual nutritional needs. Everything your child needs is prepared like he or she loves most. So feel free to enjoy a glass of premium wine – the proper children’s nutrition is our job and you may rest assured that it will be done flawlessly.

Dream beach

Going on holiday at sea is not complete without going to the beach! That’s why every Maro has at least one beach adapted for children – from the youngest to slightly older ones. Whether they join our swimming academy or enjoy fantastic water attractions, one thing is for sure – they’ll never be bored on the beach. You, however, can finally relax as parents. Feel free to indulge in some old hobbies that you no longer have time for, or, with our help of course, find some new leisure activities that will fill your soul and recharge you for new business and parenting victories. Maro’s responsible and professional staff will make sure you enjoy yourself at least as much as your children do.

Dare to wish for more!

Maro is a kind of holiday that you deserved a long time ago, a holiday that is not only tailored to usual demands of guests with children, but intuitively considering your personality and wishes that you, as a responsible parent, may have suppressed or not even been aware of until now. The experience and enthusiasm of our highly trained staff is a guarantee of your complete carefreeness and true relaxation, which is what a dream holiday is all about. But with one important difference – Maro makes all the dreams come true!

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