Hanging Out With Dinosaurs in Istria

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Family holidays can be quite challenging. But if your destination of choice is Istria, keep calm and relax – there you’ll find some exciting and not-so-ordinary activities for your kids to enjoy!
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Embark on a thrilling journey through prehistoric times, when magnificent reptiles ruled the world. Your little ones will be delighted with life-size dinosaur replicas, and there is also educational content to learn from through play. Continue reading to find out about the attractions well worth visiting if your kids are dinosaur lovers (or if you’re a dinophile yourself).

Dinopark Funtana

Meeting the ancient inhabitants of Istria at Funtana Dino Park

The Funtana Dino Park theme park in Funtana near Poreč is an excellent destination for family trips. Take a walk with your kids through the Istrian forest and enter the prehistoric world with more than 80 different dinosaurs. Meeting these magnificent life-size creatures, some of which are moving and making sounds, will certainly make for an unforgettable experience. We’re sure that the moment when huge dinosaurs ‘come to life’ at the push of a button will fill your kids with joy and delight!

Of course, that’s not all! You can also enjoy daily Jurassic shows, a ride on the Tortuga pirate ship, an adrenaline-fueled Dragon Coaster ride, a Fossil Safari dinosaur bone excavation workshop and the Sea Monster exhibits featuring life-size prehistoric sea creatures. There’s also pony riding and the children’s zoo, while the more courageous ones can try ‘riding’ a dinosaur. The Park has something for each family member: there is also a mini amusement park, a kindergarten, trampolines, carousels, and a couple of restaurants.

Dinopark Funtana

Hunting for the dinosaur footsteps on the beautiful Brijuni Islands

The Brijuni National Park is famous not only for its pristine island landscapes, but also for its rich history and palaeontology sites. If you’re visiting Istria or the nearby area, this is certainly an ideal place for an entertaining family trip. It’s easy to reach by boat from Fažana, near Pula.

A long time ago, the Brijuni Islands were connected to the mainland and dinosaurs walked on their soft surface. Many geological processes gradually turned it into rocks, on which more than 200 different footprints can be seen today. So take everything you might need and embark on an island expedition: your task will be to locate the footprints. All of your family members will equally enjoy this adventure!

There you’ll also get to meet a carnivorous dinosaur known as theropod, which once inhabited this area. You can touch it, take a picture with it or just enjoy being around this magnificent creature. It may look terrifying but don’t worry, it’s only a sculpture.

With many other interesting things to see and experience, get ready for a day-long trip. There you can also find a safari zoo, remains from the Ancient Roman times and beautiful beaches. Rent a bike or hop on the tourist train, while in the summer you can also take a swim – an unforgettable family adventure guaranteed!

Dinosaur footprint

Visiting a dinosaur-based theme park

The theme and water park named the Paleo Park, located within Mon Perin campsite in the tiny Istrian village of Bale, offers a truly entertaining and educational experience. With dinosaurs being the main theme, your kids will enjoy dinosaur-shaped pools and get to learn more about different species. They can take a closer look at dinosaur bones in the sandboxes, or walk the educational trail to learn about the evolution and the life and nutrition of dinosaurs. In the meantime, you can lounge by the pool or enjoy refreshments. A specially designed cup or a stuffed animal bought at the Park will forever remind you of the wonderful family time in the dinosaur valley.

If your child is a famous future palaeontologist, the magical Istria is your ideal destination. They’ll be thrilled with the dinosaurs, and also get to learn more about local legends. What is one of Istria’s greatest advantages? The fact that everything is very close – a half an hour to a one-hour car ride will take you to all the places you might wish to see. It’s high time to plan one such memorable family trip, isn’t it?

Dinosaur footprint

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