Guide To Adventures in Nature

This summer, with our recommendations and help from the Valamar Experience Concierge, explore the nature that surrounds you.

You’re on holiday, finally! It’s fine, we know how much you need it. Still, we would like to once again highlight why holidaying in nature and camping are your ideal choice. It has been scientifically proven that outdoor activities reduce your stress levels and regenerate both your mind and your body. Even just spending time outside rather than staying indoors is enough for you to have a better night’s sleep. Moreover, when you go outside, your body absorbs vitamin D, which boosts your immunity. So, here are some recommendations for a fun and active holiday:



If you are staying in Istria, then truffle hunting is a must. Upon hearing the word. “hunting”, you must surely think truffles aresomething you chase, but no – you actually dig for them. Your company on this interesting quest are hunters and hunting dogs, as the latter’s infallible scent will find even the smallest truffle. You can take a bike on this special adventure and look for the extremely valuable fungus, while discovering en route all the riches of the Motovun forest, the widely popular truffle-hunting ground.

Of course, after such a hunting expedition, it is only fair that you take refreshments: you will be offered some delicious homemade prosciutto and some fantastic truffle dishes. Once you lay your eyes on the Ucka Nature Park, you will immediately be beckoned to climb up to Vojak, Istria’s highest mountain peak. It will also be a great opportunity for you to learn about a number of protected plant and animal species there. We have an additional piece of advice for you: find out more about best day trips, exciting activities, top restaurants and city tours with help of My Valamar app. With this app you can quickly book any activity at the campsite or in the destination you’re staying at.



You must have wondered about the best way to discover the secrets of the island of Rab. According to the Valamar Experience Concierge team, kayaking is the answer. You can take a kayak to reach the most interesting places on the island, which boasts many a hidden cave. Jump into the mysterious Medova Buža and glide over the pearly sea surface, while enjoying the meditative sound of your paddles hitting the water. Uncover Rab’s geological beauty and drop your anchor on the most gorgeous beach on the island. We will keep the name of the beach a secret for the time being!

You can also explore the waters off the island of Rab by taking a perfect trip on a glass-bottom boat. Let your curiosity take you all the way to the sunken ship in the Zavratnica Cove, and make sure you bury your feet in the sand of the beautiful Pudarica Beach for a soothing massage. Use your visit to the Zavratnica Cove to learn more about the ship that was sunk sometime during the Second World War; discover more about the former political prison on the incredibly barren Goli Otok; and, finally, stop by Rab’s most beautiful peninsula, Suha Punta, lie back and relax. Our Valamar Experience Concierge is at your disposal!



To find out more about the Krk seabed, go on a half-hour snorkeling adventure accompanied by a licensed instructor. And, if you need any additional equipment, you can always contact the Valamar Experience Concierge team. An underwater walk is an especially interesting experience! To go on an underwater sea walk, you will need a bit more than just a snorkel; however, do not worry as we have already prepared some neoprene wetsuits for you. If you do go on this walk, you will get a close look at amphoras, as well as some spectacular underwater flora and fauna.

And if that is not adventurous enough for you, join us for some adrenaline-charged zip-lining, courtesy of the 2.3-kilometer-long Canopy Tour. Don’t fret, our highly experienced instructors will be right by your side. Staying on the island of Krk and not discovering all its charms is a real shame. That is why we would like to invite you to a boat adventure, from the nearby islet of Galun to the island of Sveti Grgur, housing a former women’s political prison. Finally, if you wish to experience night fishing, even if it is for just a short while, our dear friends the fishermen will be only too happy to help you with that! Hop on a trawler boat, help the fishermen lift their fishing nets, show off your fish cleaning skills, and enjoy tasting the freshest and finest sea delicacies.



We are confident you would like to reveal all of Dubrovnik’s secrets! That is why we have turned to the Valamar Experience Concierge and asked about the best ways to do it. If you are horseriding enthusiasts, then you will certainly enjoy the special experience that is the Kojan Koral horse-riding excursion, following a path lined with olive trees, a pine forest, and the breathtaking landscapes of the Konavle region. Let yourselves go and enjoy the charms of this royal sport, all the while discovering some of the most stunning views. Did you know that you can enjoy Konavle while getting an adrenaline rush? That’s right!

Go on the Quad Safari on four completely different off-road terrains: let the adventure take you across the Ljuta River, over the expanse of the Konavle Plain, through the wetland, and along the coast beneath the Konavle cliffs. In case you get tired of all the dust (though, who could ever get tired of the dust that fun and entertaining?!), you can opt for an incredible sea safari. You can choose between either morning or afternoon safaris, and the Valamar Experience Concierge team is at your disposal for any additional information. The wonders of the nature will be revealed to you, and you will still have the visit to the fantastic Šunj Beach on the island of Lopud to look forward to.

At the end of such a day, there is nothing like a view of the sunset to make you feel fantastic. Add to that a glass of locally made wine, and your fairytale experience will be complete. You can also explore the spectacular Dubrovnik by taking a kayak around the island of Lokrum, stopping by the Betina Cave on the way. You will certainly enjoy your view of the always attractive Dubrovnik City Walls. You can also go on relaxing trips to the Elaphites, or the islands of Mljet, Hvar and Korcula. You just need to decide what you wish to see on a given day and contact our Valamar Experience Concierge, who will organize everything for you, down to the last detail.



Lastly, since you already have the opportunity to stay out in the open overnight, use it to do some stargazing. Just looking up at the stars is enough for you to feel relaxed. Besides, with Star Walk or similar apps (as Sky View Lite on App Store) you can discover many incredible and interesting things. It is enough to point your smartphone at the sky and the app that works as true pocket planetarium will help you identify the stars, constellations and other celestial bodies. STAR WALK app allows you not to track some of the most interesting celestial events. We are sure you have heard of the phenomenon of the Perseids, also known as the “tears of Saint Lawrence”. The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower, which peaks in August, and in some places you can see thousands of meteors light up the night sky.

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