Find Out Why Rab Is the Happy Island

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What is happiness? Happiness is every moment of your holiday on Rab. This Adriatic gem doesn’t carry its flattering title of Happy Island for no reason!
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Mild climate, abundance of greenery and view over the mighty peaks of Velebit had encouraged the ancient Illyrians and Romans a long time ago to seek their happiness on the island of Rab. The proof showing that they succeeded in doing so is visible in the name they gave to this island – Felix Arba. Join us and discover what makes this piece of paradise a true Happy Island to this day.

Paradise beaches of Rab Island

Rab Island

Rab Island is one of the few Adriatic islands that abound in sandy beaches, there are as many as 22 with a total length of about 100 kilometres! The most famous one is certainly the Rajska plaža (Paradise Beach) located in Lopar, which earned the title of one of the most beautiful in the world several years ago. Good enough reason for happiness? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started…

Rab Island is also rich in pebble and rocky beaches, especially on the peninsula of Suha Punta, so everyone can find a beach according to their preferences. Interestingly, among the many seekers of happiness and pleasure on the beaches of Rab Island, there were also King Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom, and his beloved one Wallis Simpson. The famous couple particularly liked the Kandarola beach near Kampor, where they swam nude back in 1936, which many people consider to be the beginning of the trend of nudist tourism on the Adriatic.

History and culture

Rab Island

Although there are only eight settlements on Rab Island, this island is full of intriguing historical stories. One of them says that Saint Marinus, founder of one of the smallest European countries – San Marino – was a carver from the island of Rab! Because of this solid historical connection, Rab Island and San Marino are twin and friendly settlements. This is especially good to know if you are from Rab Island and you have fallen in love with a person from San Marino. In that case, the wedding expenses will be paid by San Marino!

But let’s go back to the stories from the past. Besides Saint Marinus, there was another saint linked to Rab Island. Saint Christopher, patron saint of travellers, sailors and even the island itself, found his peace here, or should we say his skull did, which is guarded today in the sacred collection of the city of Rab.

Rapska fjera festival

Rab Fjera festival

Much can be learned about the former life on the Happy Island during the Rapska fjera, a medieval festival and the most famous event on Rab Island, traditionally held at the end of July. During the festival, it is not uncommon to hear and see traditional dances of Rab Island – tanac and pojka – performed with the sounds of mih, a traditional instrument made of an air-filled balloon made of goatskin or lambskin. And that’s just one additional reason for the joy and fun you can only experience here.

Rab cake as a souvenir

Making Rab Cake

To those who seek their happiness through discovering new flavours and scents, Rab Island won’t be disappointing. Fresh fruits, vegetables and fish are prepared in ways that only locals know, and you should definitely taste quality olive oil and fine local wines, such as the famous Plavac mali. Gourmets will be delighted by local sweets such as muštaćoni, traditional crispy almond, chocolate and cinnamon cookies, or rapska torta (Rab cake) – a crispy almond and cherry liqueur cake. It is the most original and delicious souvenir that you can bring from Rab Island. With that cake and a glass of Maraschino you will delight your loved ones and reveal to them the taste of true happiness.

Rab pace of life

Rab promenade

One of the most important ingredients of happiness on the island of Rab is certainly the pace of life of its local people. Slow pace, the one without anxiety or hustle… neither in traffic, nor in shops, restaurants or cafes. Only at a slow pace does one fully experience what a real holiday is. And if you are in the mood for a nice and easy two-hour walk, we recommend heading to the Kamenjak viewpoint for a relaxing view of the impressive city of Rab.

The island of Rab has made every effort to scatter around lots of clues that help you reach the full meaning of the term happiness. Find them, enjoy them, store them in the treasure chest of your heart and let the happiness follow you every time you think of Rab Island!

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