Find Out Which Type of Camper You Are

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Do you prefer motorhomes or tents or are you more for luxury camping in camping homes or glamping tents?
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Going camping is an ideal opportunity to get away from the rush of everyday life, enjoy yourself under the sunny blue sky and on warm nights under the stars. Your camping experience is heightened by the type of accommodation you opt for. We already know you are a true nature enthusiast! Tell us more about your ideal holiday, and we will tell you whether you are an active minimalist, a laidback comfortist, or if you need a touch of luxury even when you are on holiday. 




You wish to be completely free and independent on your holiday. You enjoy even the journey to your destination. If, for you, the holiday starts the moment you decide that you are going, then you are a true adventurer! You never fuss about the details. The only thing that is important to you is that you find a great location. Everything else you will take with you. The advantage of travelling in your own motorhome is that, on route to your final destination, you can explore a number of places, as well as simply continue your trip to the next camping site. Find your perfect holidaying corner in one of the beautiful and spacious lots, surrounded by the Mediterranean flora and the sounds of the nearby sea. 



Camping Tent

If you prefer staying in tents, then you must love not only challenges, but also holidays that are more relaxed. You are not worried about the possibility of rain either; some unpredictability can’t hurt, can it? Once you are all packed and ready to go, all you need is to choose a spot to put up your tent. One of the biggest advantages of this type of holiday is the fact that you are surrounded by clean air and nature, and that you are perfectly free. No less essential are the spectacular views to which you’ll be enjoying your morning coffee, or the starry evening skies that will see you off to sleep. Valamar camping sites will give you the warmest welcome and are equipped with everything you might need. From modern sanitary facilities to an excellent choice of restaurants and different activities at your disposal. All you need is to be in a great mood and bring your camping equipment! 



Mobile Homes

Your ideal holiday is staying in nature, but with the feeling and comfort of hotel right by the sea? You love camping but don’t want to worry about the heat or rain? You will surely agree with us when we say that it is easier to deal with hot summer days while staying in a camping home a stone’s throw from the sea. The spacious camping homes will provide you with the comfort of the best hotel room, but with all the charms and attractions of camping. Depending on their size, camping homes can accommodate up to six people. There is a wide choice of different types of camping homes. In their most luxury variations, camping homes can be equipped even with private pools and private jacuzzi! Camping homes will meet all your needs for comfort, at the same time giving you the feeling of camping. Whichever you choose, besides wonderful comfort, you will also be able to enjoy great moments that will make this holiday unforgettable. 



While holidaying, you wish to relinquish all the stress and commitments, but not the comfort and luxury. Glamping is truly the best possible combination of holidaying in nature with five-star luxury and is chosen by those who want to have a special vacation. Indulge in an exclusive break from everyday life in Valamar glamping tents. A dream vacation, to put it briefly. You can choose between luxury glamping tents, premium glamping tents with loggia and glamping tents for two persons. Whatever you choose among Valamar’s top glamping accommodations, you will feel as if you will have an inspiration even to write an ode to relaxation.


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