Family Vacation on Rab: 5 Joint Activities on the Happy Island

Rab was given the name “Happy Island” by the ancient Romans, and on your family vacation you will undoubtedly find out why. To make every moment together magical and absolutely unforgettable, read our tips and enjoy the joint activities that will guide you to happiness on the Happy Island!

Lopar Beach Rab

Visit the Forest Park Komrčar

Atypical of the Adriatic islands, Rab is a real oasis with as many as 300 sources of drinking water, which is extremely conducive to the development of diverse flora and fauna. In the forest park Komrčar, right next to the center of Rab, on 10 hectares of earthly paradise, you will find an incredible abundance of Mediterranean vegetation, but also exotic trees and plants, as well as numerous species of birds and butterflies. Relax on hot summer days in the luxuriant shade of the holm oak and Aleppo pine forest, where the whole family will find refreshment in the embrace of pure beauty and learn a lesson about the importance of nature conservation and protection.

Rab forest

Enjoy the View from Bell Towers

The four bell towers of the churches of Rab have given the city the contours of a sailing ship with four beautiful masts. Choose, as one of the “challenges” of your family vacation, the mission to climb all four! Everyone wins in this challenge because the view from each of them is truly sensational and more than worth the effort. You will enjoy the panorama and active socializing together, and the family photos you take will certainly find an honorary place in your photo album—but also win record numbers of likes on your social networks!

Rab - view from tower

Don’t Miss Lounging on Paradise Beach

The name says it all! Rab is an island replete with sandy beaches that kids love, and most of them are located on the north coast, near Lopar. Stretched over two divine kilometers, Paradise Beach is the longest sandy beach in all of Croatia, so you can be sure that your children will enjoy every dive into the crystal-clear sea and build the most beautiful towers of sand, and with plenty of accompanying activities, they will become the best sailors, the most daring pirates, and the real heroes of the beach!

Rab beach

Go on an Archaeological Adventure in the Lopar Geopark

Before or after visiting Paradise Beach, do not miss an excursion to the Lopar Geopark, where you can explore archaeological sites at as many as 50 marked geological points. In the summer, you will be provided with an expert guide that will guide you through unusual geological profiles and landscapes, show you ancient fossils and specially shaped rocks, introduce you to the archaeological sites of Punta Zidine and Podšilo, and take you to visit the churches of St. John the Baptist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This island’s fascinating history makes even going to the beach into a true family archaeological adventure!

Lopar landscape Rab

Take a Family Speedboat Excursion

No, you don’t have to have your own boat to embark on an unforgettable family cruise. The offer of excursions and boats for rent is truly rich, and it is up to you only to decide which hidden corners of the Happy Island you want to explore. Enjoy every moment together, and let every new cove be your new pirate adventure!

Rab speedboat

These are our five ideas that it would really be a shame not to explore, but Happy Island offers you much, much more. Discover all its beauties and ignite the fire of family happiness that will keep you warm for a long time—until your next visit to the unique Rab!

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