Explore the Most Stunning Beaches of the Island of Rab!

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Boasting a mild Mediterranean climate and an authentic island vibe, the island of Rab has been attracting tourists from all over the world for more than 125 years.
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This ideal Adriatic oasis with countless options to choose from has righteously been dubbed ‘’The Happy Island’’. Once you visit the unique and romantic old town of Rab and explore the island’s breath-taking beaches and hidden coves, you’ll never want to leave.

Rab Town

Rab’s most popular beaches

Rab takes pride in as many as 30 sandy beaches, more than any other Adriatic destination. There are also pebble and rocky beaches, nudist beaches, dog-friendly beaches, and secluded coves perfect for those longing for more privacy and peace.

The Paradise Beach in Lopar is by far the most popular and attractive sandy beach on the island, and the most common motif on Rab postcards. Croatia’s longest sandy beach (2 km) features golden sand, warm sea, shallows perfect for the youngest, sun loungers, slides, catering facilities and numerous amenities… there’s nothing more you could wish for!

San Marino Camping Resort beach Rab

When it comes to the most beautiful pebble and rocky beaches, Suha Punta has been in the lead for many years now. It offers numerous amenities and mind-blowing vistas. The town beaches Banova vila and Pudarica, overlooking the beautiful old town and ideal for romantic souls, are just as equally stunning and large. The sandy beaches Mel and Livačina with shallow sea and numerous attractions are ideal for families – your youngest ones will never get tired of them.

For those seeking a more liberating seaside holiday experience, Lopar boasts beautiful nudist beaches Sahara and Ciganka. The latter offers a special ambiance due to its raw nature, sandy rocks of unusual formations and stunning emerald sea. The nearby Frkanj peninsula is home to one-of-a-kind Kandarola naturist beach, popularly called the English Beach as it used to host King Edward VIII. So why not feel like a royal yourself?

Rab’s hidden gems

If you prefer peace and quiet coupled with a bit of adventure, Rab is the right place. Its tucked-away wild beaches can be reached on foot, by car or by boat, while some coves can be accessed only from the sea.

Valamar Carolina Hotel Villas Outdoors Rab

Sturić, a sandy beach with two gorgeous intact coves, is just made for pleasure. We also recommend Veli Mel, which might not be as popular but is just as beautiful. This sandy beach boasts an upper and a lower part (Gornji Veli Mel and Donji Veli Mel), divided by a wooden bridge.

If you’re a true adventurer, visit the part of the island facing Velebit mountain. The pearly sea surrounded by the rocky ‘amphitheatre’ and Njivica beach are a true paradise for boaters. This pebble beach underneath the rocks offers a view of the infamous Goli otok (Barren Island), the ‘Alcatraz’ of former Yugoslavia. It has long been closed, but its abandoned facilities still remind us of the dark history, worth exploring. When in this part of the island, make sure to follow weather forecasts – you wouldn’t want to be caught unprepared when the strong bora wind strikes from the Velebit Channel.

You don’t have a boat, but you wish to sail out and explore the island’s secret spots and wild beaches? No worries, you can hire an experienced skipper to take you to the places beyond your imagination. Of course, you’re welcome to suggest a desired route. Whatever direction you take, Rab’s stunning nature will be a perfect host!


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