Explore Poreč by Kayak or SUP Board and Admire the Most Gorgeous Sunsets

Fighting river rapids is most probably the first thought that comes to mind at a mention of kayak. But it’s becoming an increasingly popular recreational sea vessel, and Croatia’s coast has been among the world’s leading kayaking destinations for many years now.

Kayaks are far from being a novelty in the Adriatic, and many have grown fond of them. Their simpler versions were canoes, and today’s kayaks boast a better design and performances, and are much safer – virtually unsinkable. This is precisely what makes them ideal for all generations: all you need is an adventurous spirit and you’re good to go!

Kayaking in Poreč

Kayaking is an excellent way to escape urban crowds in the summer months and experience Poreč in all its splendour – from the sea.

Providing a natural shelter from the winds and waves and boasting a mild Mediterranean climate, the Istrian coast is ideal for chilling in easy rides and enjoying fairy tale-like sunsets. For those more experienced, there is an increasingly popular SUP board. So paddle your way to the endless blue horizon!

Kayaking in Poreč

A true sea adventure

There’s no better sea adventure than paddling alongside the walls of the old town of Poreč, built in the 15th century by the Venetians and stretching from the Round Tower to the Pentagonal Tower. Another, equally great option is taking a tour around the Island of St Nicholas – ranked among the ten most beautiful Croatian islets by the renowned British daily The Guardian. Or you can spend a late afternoon passing through the Plava or Zelena Laguna to experience the magical colours dancing above the sea at sunset… such breath-taking and inspiring scenery is a spectacle only nature can stage.

SUP in Poreč

A half-day afternoon excursion requires no prior experience or knowledge. After a short training session, you’ll be perfectly ready for an adventure in the Poreč waters. When you get tired of paddling, just take a dive or relax in the shade of pine trees. With professional guidance and pleasant company, your kayaking or stand up paddle boarding adventure in Poreč will be an unforgettable experience.

SUP in Poreč

Archduchess Stephanie’s favourite pastime

Sliding through the sea in an easy, almost completely silent motion, kayak is a perfect choice for exploring the secrets of the Poreč waters and finding secluded romantic coves. See for yourselves why Stephanie, the archduchess of Austria, chose to anchor her yacht Phantasy here, in mid-19th century.

She must have loved watching the sun go down to the sea. It’s not just an Instagram moment, but a true gift from the nature – a spectacle to remember for the rest of our lives.

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