Explore Kvarner Bay in Full Sail!

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Sailing is the best way to experience the beautiful northern Adriatic bay, nestled between the eastern coast of Istria and Velebit mountain. If you have never sailed, now is your chance to do it. Pull up the sail, breathe in the scented sea air and explore Kvarner.
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Kvarner Bay boasts greater sea depths compared to the northernmost Adriatic, and its numerous sunny islands are tempting you to find your peace in their intact nature. Nothing feels like sleeping under the stars and waking up to the gentle waves, scents of pine trees and enchanting cricket song. So leave your worries behind and find out why passionate boaters say: “You haven’t lived until you’ve sailed”.


Why is sailing an ideal way to explore Kvarner?

If you’re thinking your holiday is not enough to visit all the places you’d like to, take in all the views of the transparent sea and picturesque islands, you can’t be more wrong! Sailing is a perfect combination of rest and broadening your horizons, especially if you are longing for some adventure. For the truly unique sailing experience you will need a professional skipper, who will make sure you have the real experience of taming the cobalt blue sea with the help from the wind. Can you feel an adrenaline rush?


All the treasures of Kvarner at hand

The Kvarner area takes pride in exceptionally diverse marine and coastal landscapes. Once you sail along the divine riviera, you’ll be blown away by the view of numerous picturesque places and islands. The vistas of Opatija or Crikvenica will take you back to the 19th century when these destinations became the favourite holiday retreats of the European aristocracy.

Sail out to the open sea and let the charming Kvarner islands of Rab, Krk, Cres and Lošinj win you over. White rocks, lovely coves, deep blue sea and sunbathed stone houses… nothing can beat these views. Be sure to visit the islets of Unije, Susak or Ilovik and enjoy the turquoise oases, heavenly beaches and sandy coves only boaters know of. It’s time to discover all the shades of blue!


The Osor suspension bridge is one of the most popular attractions in this part of the Adriatic. It was named after the village on the island of Cres and is located in-between Cres and Mali Lošinj, two islands only a few metres away from each other. The bridge opens/closes several times a day, and is a true sensation in the summer months.

Cres offers a stunning view of the Kvarner pearl Rabac (and vice versa, of course!). When sailing along the western coast of the island you’ll spot a picturesque village of Lubenice, also known for the beautiful pebble beach of St John, often depicted on Cres postcards. The village can be reached by climbing a steep pathway from the beach – an adventure in itself!


Kvarner boasts an array of unique historical and natural treasures. The famous Baška Tablet, a stone monument with an inscription in the Croatian language dating back to 1100, was found precisely in this area – Baška on the island of Krk. In addition to impressive cultural heritage, the stunning island of Krk takes pride in gorgeous beaches, such as Stara Baška – a peaceful cove where you can anchor and experience the Adriatic harmony of the sky and the sea.

The Kvarner islands offer habitats to the protected griffon vulture. Besides ever-popular dolphins, here you can even spot the exceptionally rare Mediterranean monk seal. And did you know that the Kvarner air, enriched with sea-salt aerosol, is known for its health-beneficial properties? No wonder Kvarner has been a leading health tourism destination for more than a hundred years now.

Sailing in Krk

Sail away to the paradise

The sea-wind interplay makes Kvarner an ideal sailing destination. After an exciting sailing tour, its islands will offer you an idyllic retreat far from the urban hustle and bustle. Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Rab and Pag, the biggest islands in the Bay, boast modern marinas and numerous hidden coves, sunny beaches and ancient ports.

Wherever you choose to go, Kvarner Bay will dazzle you with its unprecedented beauty. If you’re holidaying in Istria, or on the islands of Krk or Rab, spare at least one day for a sailing adventure. You’ll be eternally grateful!

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