Exciting Adventures with an Unforgettable View: Why Cyclists Adore Rabac

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Two wheels are all you need for a great adventure, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to know that there is also a place where you can always count on getting help and exactly what you need…
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Rabac has become a mecca for cycling enthusiasts in recent years, certainly thanks to its interesting and well-organized cycling trails, cycling infrastructure and offer, which is becoming richer year by year with an increasing number of services for all the lovers of holiday on two wheels. The trails have different lengths and difficulty ratings, and in addition to the adrenaline, cyclists can enjoy the indescribably beautiful views of the natural beauties of Istria and Kvarner.

Bella Vista

Rabac Bike Bella Vista

The shortest cycling route is the medium difficult Bella Vista bike trail. 30 km long, it ascends from the old town of Labin towards Skitača, the highest point of Labinština, and then descends towards Ravni. Here, you can also refresh yourself by taking a swim, then continue towards Crni and return to Labin.

Bistrooka Lucija

Biking In Istria Rabac

A slightly longer and a much more challenging Bistrooka Lucija bike trail is located a bit further away. It includes a part of the Bella Vista’s route and it leads to the source of medicinal water known as Suze svete Lucije na Skitači. This trail consists of an interesting ascent right after you pass the village of Viškovići, in Brovinje. Among the five marked trails passing through Rabac surroundings, forming a network of 240 kilometres of marked bike trails, this one also includes the highest altitude difference.


Rabac Bike Bella Vista

The Teran bike trail is named after the famous authentic Istrian red wine. This 46-kilometre long trail starts in Rabac and it leads the cyclists through the old town of Labin and the Sculpture Park, making it the ideal cycling tour for adrenaline-prone artistic souls. A part of its route is also a part of the wine road leading to the village of Sveti Martin, ending on the promenade in Rabac.

Istarski razvod

Rabac Bike Bella Vista

The Istarski razvod bike trail is one of the longest trails requiring a slightly better physical fitness. It is named after one of the most important documents of the Istrian history, found in the The Castle in Kršan situated near the trail. For the most part, this bike trail is a paved road, so it is not recommended for dirt road lovers.


Rabac Bike Bella Vista

The Liburnia bike trail also requires a slightly better physical fitness and it gives you an opportunity to explore the mining history of this area by riding through Raša, Tupljak and the Čepić Field. The ratio of riding on a dirt road to an asphalt road is almost the same, which is why cyclists with different preferences like this bike trail.

Have you already tried some of these cycling recommendations? Do you have your favourites?

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