Essential Tips for Your Holiday on the Island of Rab

Rab is one of the most enticing islands in the Kvarner Gulf. Not only does it have the highest number of sandy beaches in Croatia but it also features medieval Rab town, famed for its beauty.

Squeezed onto a narrow peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic, Rab town features four iconic bell towers rising out of its ancient streetscape of red-roofed stone buildings. Throw in a full spectrum of watersports and stellar food, and you’ll see why ancient Romans referred to the island as “happy Rab”. 



Paradise Beach

Rab Island Paradise Beach

This heavenly sand beach on the Lopar peninsula, 12 km north of Rab town, steals the show. The island’s most popular, it fringes the peninsula with its shallow crystal-clear water and 2km expanse of sand.




Komrcar City Park Island Rab

Born back in 1883 when ranger Justus Bela started planting exotic trees and plants in a plain field, this verdant oasis is a great place to escape the heat.



Rab Restaurant


The Veritas restaurant & wine bar offers a rustic atmosphere where you can experience traditional produce and a passion for wine. apart from its cozy ambience, you can enjoy tasting cheeses and pršut dry-cured ham, as well as delicious fish and meat dishes matched with excellent wines.


You can’t leave the island without trying rab cake at The house of rab cake, a traditional dessert made of almonds, maraschino liqueur and orange peel. in addition to the best rab cake, kuća rabske Torte in the old town has a museum dedicated to this iconic desert.


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