Dubrovnik’s Ultimate Family Retreat: New Maro World

If you’re looking for a perfect family destination, don’t let Dubrovnik slip your mind. New Maro World has it all – it spreads over 1800 sq m with a bunch of children’s playrooms, a soft play area, outdoor amusement park, waterpark with slides, and much more! A perfect recipe for a family holiday to remember.

Child play is an integral part of childhood, as it serves a lot of essential purposes in a child’s development. It is through play that children explore the world around them, experiment with ideas, experience social interaction, and develop vital skills. It’s also the key ingredient to any successful family holiday.

That’s where Maro Family holiday comes in – with its modern children’s areas in which your kids can foster creativity, imagination, and problem-solving abilities in a fun and innovative way, all while you relax or indulge in new restaurants, bars, and spas while professional staff looks after your little ones. Or you play along, without all the hassle and worry about what to do or how to organize everything – it’s up to you to choose!

The newest addition is the Valamar Maro World in Dubrovnik – the largest family entertainment centre on the Adriatic with numerous edutainment indoor and outdoor attractions spread across an area of 1800 m2, for children of all ages.

Children Playing at Maro World Indoor Playing Zone

Maro World Indoor Playing Zone

Get a better look at all the fun!

Whether your kid likes to swim, jump around, play video or board games, explore, play pretend, build with LEGO bricks, draw or anything in between – Maro World is a place for them.

In Maro Smart Play (0–12 years of age), your little ones can play and learn with light, shapes, and colours in an innovative way. For example, you can interact with the Vertigo living floor and watch as all sea life moves along with your happy feet. Imagine the look on your child’s face when, with a simple touch of a button, their drawings miraculously come to life on a virtual aquarium on the wall and wave back at them! Or just imagine all the stuff your little engineers can create in Rigamajig – a playroom filled with wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts, and ropes. The possibilities are endless!

Toddler Enjoying Multimedia Visual Effect of the Underwater

Multimedia Visual Effects at Maro World

Get a glimpse of Maro Playrooms (3–12 years of age), which offer diverse and totally unstructured fun. There is something for everyone – kids can pretend to be world-class chefs, doctors, or go to the supermarket and buy out the whole store! They can enrol in creative workshops such as “Flower Power”, “Silly Balloons”, or “Pantomime Time”, as well as indulge in their favourite video games or maybe try out some new ones.

Then, they can take a break from the screen and compete in some old-school or board games, making new friends along the way.

Play and relax – you can have it both ways!

The possibilities are endless, both for your children and you. You can play along with them, without the stress of organization or premature boredom. Had enough fun with LEGO bricks? Head right to Maro Softplay Zone and get all that excess energy out with various polygons and spongy elements (you can thank us later). Maybe play some hide and seek too! Or, you can relax in a comfy bean chair and watch some cartoons.

If you’re longing for a little break (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), Maro’s got you covered! Maro Worlds’ professional and super fun staff is here for you. Their mission is to look after your young ones just like you would – they always keep a watchful eye on your children, engage in play, and keep them entertained. You can also hire a babysitter, too!

Maro World Animators Playing with Children

Maro World Animators

Interested? You should be! And here are even more Maro facilities that will satisfy every baby, child, and teen:

  • Maro Theatre – especially designed for evening entertainment programs, such as dance magicians shows
  • Family Lounge – play area for the whole family
  • Children’s evening programmes: Maro Disco, Maro Party
  • Outdoor trampoline and adrenaline zone – an amusement park spread across 270 square meters, with a trampoline and thrilling attractions for children of all ages
  • Outdoor pool with slides and shallow baby pool
Outdoor Trampoline Zone at Maro World

Maro World Outdoor Trampoline

Wherever you stay, fun is guaranteed!

Another awesome thing about Maro World – it’s accessible from all our hotels in Dubrovnik. So, take a look at our offer and enjoy our comfortable family accommodation all in the vicinity of the new Maro World on the Babin Kuk peninsula!


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